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Five pet supplies for owners with a sense of humor

August 24, 2010

By: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager Being an animal lover and a dog owner, I’m always searching for interesting toys and pet products for my Chihuahua, La La. One of my favorites thus far,…

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Biotechnology firm to develop dog mental health products

August 23, 2010

Quincy Bioscience’s newly launched animal sciences division is working on a product that can help older dogs with neurological issues, the firm told the JS Online website. The company told the news provider that its…

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Losing a pet is hard, pet insurance can help

August 20, 2010

By: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager My favorite memory of Stella is the day we were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, and a lady bug landed right on the tip of her little wet…

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Celebrate cat health by taking kitty to the vet

August 18, 2010

By: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager Hey all you cat owners—did you know that August 16 to August 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week? Because cats generally don’t display signs…

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Pet health may be at risk after owner discovers dead frog in pet food

August 16, 2010

When Dianne T. opened a can of pet food to split between her four dogs, she was aghast at what she found. “I saw a brown clump in the food… I was like, ‘what is…

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Pets on Facebook: A growing trend

August 13, 2010

Like most other social media enthusiasts, Shiva starts her day with breakfast and a quick status update on Facebook. The only difference—Shiva’s not human. She’s a cat. The kitty’s owner, Kirsty Worrall, created a Facebook…

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