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What Veterinarians Won’t Tell You About Their Job

August 29, 2012

Veterinary medicine involves lots of sloppy warm kisses and friendly tail wags on a daily basis. And overall, it’s a very rewarding profession. But not every day is all puppies, kittens, healthy pets and treatable…

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The Surprising Surgery Your Vet Loves to Perform

August 27, 2012

Many animal-loving children dream of becoming veterinarians when they grow up. Helping and healing animals seems like the ideal career, and in fact, being a veterinarian is very rewarding. However, not all of the procedures…

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Top Nine Pet Myths Debunked!

August 9, 2012

We all want our pets to be as healthy as possible. Many families view their animals as part of the family. In the age of information, more and more pet care tips are at our…

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How To: Six Part Grooming

August 7, 2012

We all want our pets to look and smell their best.’Grooming’ should involve more than just hair coat maintenance and all breeds, including cats, can benefit from it. Regular grooming, especially teeth brushing, is important…

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I’m Not Naughty, I’m Sick!

August 3, 2012

At times, pets can be very expressive with their body language. A tail wag that moves the whole hind end easily translates feelings of happiness and joy. Conversely, dogs and cats can also communicate when…

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Top 7 Dog Park Dangers

July 30, 2012

By Dr. Fiona, a veterinarian and guest blogger for┬ápet insurance┬áprovider, Pets Best Insurance. U.S. dog parks are the most quickly growing portion of city parks in the US. The dog park is a summertime fun…

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