April 11 is National Pet Day

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A dog with dog insurance goes for a walk.
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National Pet Day, April 11th, was founded as an act of love by Colleen Paige. Paige is founder of the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network as well as many other national holidays devoted to pets, including National Kids & Pets Day, National Dog Day, and National Cat Day.

National Pet Day is set aside to remember the pets that die in shelters every day (16,000 according to petdayusa.com) due to over-crowding and failure to spay and neuter. Another reason pets end up in shelters is because their owners find themselves unable to pay for pet health care. Many owners don’t know that if they had pet insurance for their beloved pet, relinquishing them to a shelter wouldn’t be necessary.

Prior to founding the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network and the lifesaving pet holidays, Paige worked in animal shelters and also as a paramedic. While working as a paramedic, she found herself distraught with the number of injured animals she would come across that she was unable to help.

If more pet owners would plan ahead and invest in lifelong pet insurance, emergency vet trips for everything from the common cold to an accidental bone break or even cancer would be less devastating. When purchased at a young age, kitten and puppy insurance is more affordable and covers more ailments, before the pet has the opportunity to develop them.

It isn’t easy to create a national holiday. It’s a long process that involves contacting representatives of congress and agenda proposals. It isn’t always easy to own a pet, either. But with some care and planning, the joy and benefits of pet ownership outshines all.

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