Appreciate your pet? Here are 10 ways to show it!

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A dog with pet health insurance goes for a car ride.

By: Dr. Fiona Caldwell
Idaho Veterinary Hospital
For Pets Best Insurance

National Pet Appreciation Week is July 10th through the 16th! This week is meant to remind us to pause and be thankful for the unconditional love our pets provide for us daily, and to shed light on the epidemic of homeless pets that don’t have a person to love. Animals are unique in their ability to bring so much joy and ask for so little in return. Why not take some time to give back to the furry loved one in your life? Here are some ways that you can show how much you care, even if you don’t have a pet.

1. Consider pet health insurance
This is the ultimate way to show your pet you care. Pet insurance will allow you to give your beloved the treatment they need in a time of emergency. Veterinary medicine can be expensive and having dog or cat insurance may help alleviate the financial strain.

2. Cook a pet-friendly feast
Check out for ideas for yummy people dishes that are safe for your pets too! Most veterinarians agree that dogs and cats shouldn’t eat a lot of people food or scraps, but a special treat is ok. Be sure to avoid garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts and of course, chocolate.

3. Create a doggie play date
Summer is the perfect time for that magical combination of sun, water and good food. Call your friends with dogs, get a kiddie pool to fill with water for the pooches and have a barbecue for the humans.

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4. Have a pamper session
This can be cat friendly too! Many cats like to be brushed, take the time to make your cat silky soft. Make an appointment to have Fifi groomed, so she’ll be looking her best. Bandanas are a fun touch and very easy to make out of old shirts, just cut into a square, fold in half and tie around the neck.

5. Go for a car ride
Go for a scenic drive with the windows partially cracked. Stop by parks and other dog-friendly areas for a drive that is completely centered around your four legged friend.

6. Purchase a new toy
Cats go crazy for catnip and feathered toys, and most dogs appreciate a new frisbee or ball. Consider what would make your pet happy to show your appreciation.

7. Update vaccines
While a trip to the veterinarian generally isn’t a favorite for your pet, it is an important visit to keep them healthy. Show your appreciation by making an appointment for a regular check up and vaccinations.

8. Take your dog on a hike
Be sure to tailor the hike to your dog’s fitness level and avoid the heat of the day. Bring along water, and a portable dish.

9. Have a cuddle session
Pets love affection. Get down to their level and lavish some love.

10. Volunteer at the local Humane Society
Whether you have a pet or not, volunteering or donating to the Humane Society is an excellent way to show your appreciation for animals and the love they give us. Most shelters are always in need of blankets and towels to use as bedding and will readily accept donations. You can help with fundraisers, with walking or cleaning, and in many other small ways.

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We all love our pets, but sometimes our day-to-day routine can overshadow the small ways you can brighten your pet’s day. Take the time this week to pause, (or paws) and do something special to show your appreciation for the furry members of your family.

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