Animal shelter saves the lives of 36 Chihuahuas

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Movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua helped make the adorable dog a popular petThe popularity of Chihuahuas drastically rose with the emergence of the Taco Bell dog and various movies featuring the pint-sized pups. Unfortunately, now many animal shelters in California are noticing an over-abundance of Chihuahuas and were left trying to come up with ways to save them.

Hoping to avoid the euthanizing of dozens of dogs, the Kern animal shelter in California paid to fly 36 Chihuahuas to cities such as New York to help curb the overpopulation, according to

Using animal friendly airline Pet Airways, which provides pet care by pampering animals with a first-class treatment, the shelter hoped to save the animals lives by getting them out of California.

"If those 36 didn’t go out, a dog like this that has been in the adoption center for an extended length of time would probably have to be euthanized," Kern County animal control director Guy Shaw told the news provider.

Other groups are beginning to try to save the lives of Chihuahuas as well. Recently, Virgin America airlines flew 15 dogs from San Francisco to New York, where the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals picked them up, according to the Los Angeles Times.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19548648-ADNFCR

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