Animal shelter receives birthday presents from 11-year-old

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Pet food was one of the popular choices for donationsSpreading the birthday love, one girl decided that in lieu of presents, her friends should donate to a local animal shelter.

Maley Green, who recently celebrated her 11th birthday, enjoys visiting animals at the Henderson Animal Shelter in Henderson, Texas. At her recent bash, the pet lover asked her friends to bring presents that were pet friendly rather than gifts for her, according to

"I had a lot of stuff so I decided that I didn’t need anything," Green told the news provider. "I told my friends to wait until they get the invitation in the mail and read what it says on there for the animal shelter."

Necessities essential to pet care including cat litter, dog food and blankets were donated to the shelter. Keeping the animals in mind, Green told the news provider that her birthday wish was that the animals find a good home.

The shelter told the news provider that simple monetary and gift donations can help the animals immensely.

The Henderson Animal Shelter has been in business for 23 years, according to

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