Allergy sufferers give the Yorkie two paws up

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Posted by: H.R
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A Yorkie with pet insurance sits in a crate.

For dog lovers who also happen to suffer from dog allergies, there’s good news. The number three most popular dog in the US also happens to be a favorite among allergy sufferers: The Yorkshire Terrier.

This little bundle of fuzzy fun jumped from the seventh spot on 2009’s popular pooch list to the top three, according to the American Kennel Club. Why? Maybe because these dogs are small—a member of the Toy Group—and their long, fine coats do not shed, perfect for those with pet allergies. Many owners opt to purchase pet insurance for this breed because of their small size and the possibility of accidents and illnesses.

The Yorkie dog weighs in at four to seven pounds and requires little exercise. But they do need daily grooming, could benefit from pet health insurance and regular vet visits, and of course a lot of love!

Although once a favored companion of high society families in Europe, these little furballs are feisty. Yorkies were originally used in the 19th century as a sort of working dog—they would catch rats in clothing mills so the staff could work in peace. So, while they are certainly compact and cute, they are also brave and brisk. The ego of the Yorkie may not match his outward appearance. The AKC describes the breed’s temperament as determined, investigative, and energetic, as they are indeed a terrier dog.

According to the AKC, dogs that belong to the terrier group tend to have a distinctive personality. Often, this may mean a dislike of other animals, including dogs, and an argumentative attitude. Of course, many dog lovers long for a pooch with some spunk. If you’re looking for a big personality in a small, sneeze-free package, the Yorkie may be the dog for you. Once you’ve decided to make this little guy a part of your family, do a pet insurance comparison to determine what level of care and coverage your Yorkie will need.

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