Adopted Pets Replacing Children

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More and more people are replacing having children with pets. According to recent survey, more people are choosing not to have children. Many seniors who have raised families are finding that pets can replace that void that hits them after children leave the family. Studies have shown that pets decrease feelings of loneliness, help fight depression and keep seniors more active.

Who needs children when research has shown that certain hormones that increase when we cuddle children also increase when we cuddle our pets. The hormones Oxytocin and Prolactin increase when we play with or pet dogs, as shown from studies where blood samples were drawn prior to playing with a dog and afterwards. The hormones, which are high in pregnant and post birthing women, increased in the blood stream of men and women after petting a dog in one study and playing with a dog in another study. Both Oxytocin and Prolactin play a critical role in the birthing and bonding process of humans and all mammals.

These hormones are found to dampen stress, combat depression and reduce feelings of anxiety. So save a pet by adopting, and feel better in the process!

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