Actor Russell Brand seeks passport for cat

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Actor Russell Brand seeks passport for catCats are like the explorers of the animal kingdom. Even the most domesticated housecat will lurk around all corners of the home, charting the treacherous cellar stairs or venturing beneath the shadows of the bed. Now, the availability of pet passport will let the true feline voyagers become cats of the world.

The British comedian and actor Russell Brand has announced his plan to get a passport for his beloved cat, Morrissey.

The star of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall said his relationship with American pop star Katy Perry means that he and Morrissey will be traversing the Atlantic and going through customs frequently in the coming months, according to the Associated Press.

An element of the Pet Travel Scheme, a pet passport allows owners to travel with their dogs, cats and ferrets to and from the UK, U.S., EU and several other countries without being quarantined, the USA Today reports.

To qualify for the program, animals must be implanted with a tracking microchip and must be vaccinated, blood tested and treated for tapeworm and ticks.

Brand told the AP, "[Morrissey] hissed at me yesterday. I tried to explain to him but he doesn’t understand concepts such as international travel and work."

In the U.S., Pet Airways provides flight accommodations for dogs and cats traveling to and from Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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