Abandoned pet cemetery draws special attention

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One pet-lover is showing his devotion by restoring an old pet cemeteryPet care can hold many different meanings to animal owners. Some seek to provide their dogs with a leader and companion, taking relish in a game of fetch or a new trick. Others, who consider their pets to be members of the family, feature their dogs and cats in Christmas cards and fit them with the highest quality winter sweaters.

A man in Joplin, Missouri, has taken pet care to mean honoring the memories of the animals which have in some way enriched a household.
Melvin Hutton told St. Louis Fox affiliate Fox2Now he is working to restore a pet cemetery that has been deteriorating after it was left abandoned years ago.

Records of the cemetery show that the grounds were established in 1949 and expanded in 1973. According to Richard Copeland, president of the Joplin Humane Society’s board of directors, the last official animal burial occurred in 1979.

Though many pet owners still bury their animals in Joplin’s cemetery on their own, Hutton believes owners who laid their pets to rest years ago would be unhappy with the graveyard’s current conditions.

According to Dr Amy Kurowski of St. Marks Veterinary Hospital, about 90 percent of pets die by euthanasia performed in a vet’s office, the Village Voice reports.

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