A watched cat never toils

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A watched cat never toilsIt’s generally agreed upon that when the cat’s away the mice will play. But what do cats do when their owners are out at work? Naïve pet lovers may think that their felines simply lounge all day in the sun and maintain a reputation as expert "cat-nappers" – but the pets may be up to more than you’d think.

To find out, animal behavior scientist Jill Villareal fitted 50 housecats with collar cameras which took a picture every 15 minutes, the Indiana Gazette reports.

Villareal studied the 777 photos taken to determine that cats look at a television, computer or other media 6 percent of the time and hide under table 6 percent of the time – as many of their owners feel like doing at work.

However, the behavioral scientist was stunned most by the cats’ liveliness during the day. While the animals studied spent 6 percent of their time sleeping, they interacted with other family pets 12 percent of the day and spent 8 percent climbing on furniture.

"What surprised me was how active the cats were. I believed my three cats were sleeping during the day,” Villareal told the news source.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, there are approximately 88.3 million owned cats in the country.

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