A pet oxygen mask could save your furry friend in a fire

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A Pug sits in front of a fireplace.
Paul Fleming thinks pet oxygen masks are a great addition to the safety equipment firefighters use to ensure pet health and save their lives.

“A lot of people’s pets are as close to them as children and it’s horrible when there is a fire,” the New Brunswick assistant deputy fire chief told The Daily Gleaner.

“Our job is to protect that family and the pets are part of that family,” Fleming told the news provider.

According to the source, fire departments in the New Brunswick area have received kits containing the specially-shaped masks via donation, to help make sure pet health isn’t compromised in a fire.

The kits contain three cone-shaped masks that fit the muzzles of animals as small as a guinea pig to as large as a St. Bernard dog.

“The gear is designed to deliver oxygen to animals that have been affected by fires, traffic collisions and other emergencies,” The Daily Gleaner reported.

Fleming told the source that the masks are necessary for pet health for a few reasons.

“These masks are important because a pet can’t tell you how they are feeling or what they need,” Fleming told the news provider. “People don’t tend to realize these pets are stuck in that fire as well, breathing in all that smoke and that they need the oxygen.”

The source reported that human oxygen masks won’t necessarily help an animal because they are flat, and won’t fit over an animal’s snout.

Fleming told The Daily Gleaner that fire departments, all around the world, have started to look into getting these specialized masks for their branches, and he hopes the trend will continue.

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According to the source, pet health and pet lives in general can be saved by the use of these masks.

“These are really important and definitely a great addition to have on board of the trucks,” he told the news source. “I hope that more departments will be able to purchase them in the future.”

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