A pet airline? When pigs fly!

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From up here, some of the passengers look like ants!Pet Airways, an airline service that promotes cautious and comfortable handling of onboard pets, has announced that it will add weekly service to Ft Lauderdale for passengers concerned with in-flight pet care.

In addition to the new Florida route, the airline now serves New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Reuters reports. According to Pet Airways CEO Dan Wiesel, the company was established in July to provide pet owners with assurance that their animals reach their travel destination undisturbed.

A report by the Animal, Plant and Health Inspection Service, revealed that "virtually every major airline has been cited and fined for repeatedly mishandling animals." Pet Airways representatives note that lack of oxygen, lack of temperature control and proximity to heated motors have been cited as causes of animal deaths.

Offering certified veterinary technicians that are trained in pet care, Pet Airways claims that pets are supervised before, during and after flights to ensure comfort and safety. Furthermore, Reuters claims that airline policy dictates that animals be held in the aircraft’s main cabin where climate control, temperature, and air circulation present acceptable conditions.

According to company officials, the "Pet Airway goals is to make the pet travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both pawsengers and their human families."

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