A Little Secret About Pomeranian Tulah

Posted on January 25, 2011 under Pet Health & Safety

Hi, I’m Dr. Fiona Caldwell and I’m a practicing veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital.

If you have been watching my videos, you have seen that Tulah is my model. I wanted to point out that Tulah has a handicap. She only has three legs, but she doesn’t mind. She is missing the hind leg. She was hit by a car, and a Good Samaritan brought her to me and nobody claimed her. She does great on her three legs.

You may have a situation with your own dog where something needs to be removed; a leg, an eye, or even just teeth. Sometimes we get really worried about how our dogs are going to do with that type of procedure.

Dogs are really resilient and typically they’ll do great, especially with something that’s cosmetic. Most dogs will surprise you by how well they adapt.