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Pets Best Insurance – Sep 30, 2009

In an effort to continually better our service and to learn valuable information from our customers, we recently conducted a random survey which many of you participated in. We want to thank those of you who participated and wanted to share our results with all of our policyholders. These results will be utilized to focus our efforts on what is important to you.


Most pet owners heard about us through the internet or their veterinarian, referrals from friends were ranked third.
The internet, veterinarian and friend were the top secondary referral sources as well.
91.2% purchased pet insurance for financial protection.
90.3% made the decision to purchase Pets Best based on benefits and coverage and 86% utilized the website content for making their decision.
77.84% were first time buyers of pet insurance and 22% had previous experience with other providers.
97% were extremely or likely to recommend Pets Best to a friend or pet owner.

What We’ve Learned:

We need to better communicate your benefits, coverage and how to effectively use your policy.
Our Wellness/Routine Care needs better explanation of how it works. We find some want minimal benefits, while others want much more broad benefits.
We identified several areas where we can improve our service to you and will begin to implement these within the next few months.
Overall we felt we had a great rating on our most important measurement, “Would you recommend Pets Best?” at 97%.
We need to make it easier for you to contact us with specific questions when they arise or when you need an answer regarding your policy or a claim.
We heard overwhelmingly that you would like an option of direct payment to your veterinarian for claims and direct deposit for claims paid by you. Direct deposit is a feature we’re already working on, with the projection of being able to deposit most funds within 24-48 hours of claim receipt. Watch for the announcement of this new feature coming to you soon!

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Congratulations also to the following policyholders who were randomly drawn for the $50 gift certificates:

Gian B. – San Jose, CA
David K. – West Hollywood, CA
Karen S. – Raleigh, NC
Chris E. – Incline Village, NV
Jacquie A. – Thornton, CO
Eva A. – Santa Rosa, CA
Tanner S. – Helena, MT
Dennis F. – Lodi, CA
Maggie T. – Portland, OR
Serge L – North Hollywood, CA

From comments made on the survey, we realized that there is some confusion about policy details and coverage. We thought the following list might be helpful for you.

Clarifications on Items that May Not Be Clear:

Wellness/Routine Care Clarifications:
No Deductible and No Co-payment
You will be reimbursed up to wellness amount listed, or the total amount you paid your vet for the wellness service if it is less than the amount listed. (For example, if you paid $25 for your annual exam, you would be reimbursed $25.)
Utilize wellness benefits at any time during policy term, after the two week waiting period from enrollment.
Dentals or teeth cleaning are covered for up to $100 annually in our wellness plan. This amount is additive to the annual exam fee of $35 and any other wellness benefits provided at that time or any other time during the policy year.
To learn more about our wellness plan, visit our website at http://www.petsbest.com/plans/routinecare.aspx Accident/Illness Policy Clarifications:
We provide per incident limits of $2,500 with Pets Basic, $7,000 for Pets First and $14,000 for Pet Premier. There is only one deductible per incident, and the incident can carry forward year after year until the maximum payment is reached.
We provide $42,500 lifetime limit for Pets Basic and $100,000 for Pets First and Pets Premier. Any number of incidents can occur over the policy terms and there are no annual limits.
Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions (conditions present prior to enrollment and the waiting period.) However, conditions which existed prior to enrollment and become “cured” and then reoccur may be eligible. If in doubt, call us or send in your claim.
Prescription medications are covered and included in our 80% coverage of your bill.
Claims Process Clarifications:
You may dispute a claim if you feel it was denied in error. Our goal is to pay all legitimate claims and correct any mistakes if we make them.
While we want your claims submitted quickly, we allow 6 months or more to submit your claims. If in doubt about your coverage, simply submit your claim or give us a call!

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