7 Tips in Case Your Dog or Cat Goes Missing

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A little white fluffy dog sits in the grass.

Pets Best Insurance is a provider of pet insurance for dogs and cats.

1. Have a recent photo of your dog or cat. The photo should be clear and help someone easily identify your pet.

a. Ideally it should be a digital picture so that it can be easily shared via email, Facebook, etc.

 2. Have a collar tag with your name and phone number on your pet at all times.

a. Micro chipping your pet is also a great option.

 3. Make a missing poster with your pet’s picture.

a. Make the picture big so it is easily seen.

b. Include your pet’s name, your name and contact information, and the area you last saw your pet. Share any other pertinent information that could help.

 4. Print and post it around the area your dog or cat went missing.

 5. Put the missing poster on Facebook, ask people to share who live in your area/town.

 6. Share the missing poster with any and all local shelters.

a. Call them and ask if there’s an email you can send the poster to for quick and easy sharing.

b. When you talk to the shelters, ask them their procedure for when they find a missing pet. For instance, should you call daily to check if your pet has been found? Will they call you if a pet that looks like yours comes in?

 7. Share the missing poster with local pet organizations that have a large Facebook following.

a. For instance, on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page we receive and share information about missing and found pets in the greater Boise, Idaho area where we’re located.

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