The 6 Most Expensive Winter Holiday Related Claims

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Dogs can eat ornaments and end up at the emergency vet.The winter holidays are an expensive time of year for most families. The holidays can also mean big pet health expenses if you’re not careful. Here are Pets Best Insurance’s top 6 most expensive winter holidays-related pet insurance claims.

1. Packs of Gum in the Stockings? Think Again…

Sugar-free gum contains an ingredient called Xylitol which is toxic to dogs. Whether it’s because packs of gum are in the stockings, or because gum is more prevalent for all the holiday gatherings, Pets Best Insurance sees thousands of dollars of Xylitol poisoning claims during the winter holidays.

Our most expensive claim goes to Lily the fox terrier for $969, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed more than $690.

2. Pain Reliever Poisoning

The holidays can be a time of overindulging on more than just food. As the alcoholic beverages flow, the next-day headaches increase. Be sure to keep your bottle of pain reliever out of reach from your pet. Pets Best Insurance sees a dramatic rise in pain reliever (NSAIDs) poisonings this time of year.

Our most expensive claim goes to Sierra the Labrador retriever for $4217, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed more than $3174.

3. Cats and Christmas Lilies Don’t Mix

Lilies of all kinds are toxic to cats by causing kidney failure. They are beautiful and often given as gifts during the holidays, but if your cat ingests any part of the plant, even a small amount, it can be poisoned.

Our most expensive claim goes to Woody, an american shorthair cat for more than $1542, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed nearly $1150.

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4. Bad Side of a Wishbone

Bones are often given to dogs by owners who think it’s natural for dogs to chew on them. However, bones can splinter and small bones from that turkey or chicken you had for your holiday dinner are often small enough for a dog to swallow, regardless of the dog’s size.

Our most expensive claim goes to Mama Odie, a yorkie, for $3455, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed nearly $2700.

5. Eating Their Toys from Santa Paws

When choosing a chew toy for your dog, Dr. Jack Stephens, Founder of pet insurance in the U.S. in 1981 and President of Pets Best Insurance suggests toys that are large enough that your dog can’t swallow them.  Additionally, if your dog chews up their toy into smaller pieces they could swallow, you should throw the remnants away.

Our most expensive claim goes to Marley the chow chow, who ate a squeaky toy, costing $1218, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed nearly $919.

6. All That Glitters, is Not Always Safe

Glass ornaments are beautiful but present hazards to dogs and cats. Ornaments can get knocked off the tree by dog tails and cats climbing the tree. If the ornament falls off the tree it can shatter on the ground.  Dogs and cats may try to eat the glass pieces, and/or the glass shards can cut dog and cat paws. The glass pieces can also get lodged in the paw requiring removal by a vet.

Our most expensive claim goes to Astor the wheaten terrier who had to have glass removed from the paw, costing over $737, and Pets Best Insurance reimbursed $510.

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