3 Common Reasons for Indoor Cat ER Vet Visits

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A kitty plays in a basket of yarn.By: Veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, president and founder of Pets Best, a cat insurance and dog insurance agency.

Some people think that cats don’t have as many medical problems as dogs, especially if they live indoors. Due to this, people tend to get pet insurance for their dogs but less frequently for their cats. Of the cats who get insured, it’s typically an outdoor cat as opposed to an indoor cat. This is because people assume outdoor cats are at a higher risk for injuries and accidents. However, just because a cat stays inside the house, doesn’t mean it won’t still have medical issue. Indoor cats still get sick and have accidents, resulting in life threatening situations and expensive veterinary bills.

3 Common Reasons Indoor Cats Have to be Rushed to the Veterinarian

1. Eating objects around the house

Curious cats can get into trouble while playing with items found in your home. They may play with–and then eat–ribbons, yarn and string. These can cause internal blockages and often require surgery to remove.

2. Toxic Plants

Dozens of indoor plants and even some floral arrangements are toxic to cats. If the cat ingests them–whether intentionally or by licking plant residue off their fur–it can cause an upset stomach, heart collapse, kidney failure and even death.

3. Toxic Foods

Many food items you have around the house can cause serious damage or be fatal to your cat. Some examples are raisins, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and uncooked dough.

When these situations happen, cat owners may not realize that the veterinary bills can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost of vet care can really sky rocket if the cat has to be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic. Pet insurance can help cover your vet bills, by reimbursing you. Allowing you to afford to the best care needed for your cat when they’re sick or injured.

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