11 Design-Loving Cats and Dogs

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By Janet Paik, Houzz.

Each week homeowners and renters from around the world open their doors to contributing photographers as we profile personality-filled homes and the people who inhabit them. Meet some of our favorite four-legged and furry friends who make an appearance in our My Houzz series. Here they show us the right way to sprawl out, curl up, wander and lounge in unabashed style.

Griffin the cat, affectionately referred to as G-Unit, approves of his owner’s comfy Ikea sectional. He loves to lie at the end of the chaise and bask in the sun at the Somerville, Massachusetts, home.

Grady makes himself at home amid stylish throw pillows from Scalamandré and West Elm on the sofa of his apartment in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

French bulldog Beatrice relaxes on her favorite spot in this San Francisco house: a large lambskin rug. She also likes to seek refuge inside the little tent made especially for dogs and under the open clothing racks.

Jolie the cat sleeps on her favorite spot in a Los Angeles apartment — the cable box.

Clover the Boston terrier takes a break from running around on the wood floors of this pottery workshop in Portland, Maine. This is what Clover’s owner, Ayumi Horie, says about the space: “The studio is a wonderful space to work in because it has a nook where I can draw and also has a wide-open space in which to lay out pots for drying. The sun comes in everywhere, so I have to be conscious about where my work is in relation to sunlight so they don’t dry too quickly.”

Willie the cat relaxes on soft white bedding atop a vibrant pink Jenny Lind bed in a colorful Austin, Texas, family home.

Dogs Willow and Daisy keep an eye on things from the stairs in the Greenfield, Massachusetts, home of potter Lucy Fagella and Terri Kerner. The newly painted entryway chest below is used to store hats and mittens.

Lulu, an English mastiff, Watson, a French bulldog, and Emily the pig relax on the lawn of a sprawling 10-acre farm in Southwest Ranches, Florida. These three family pets are in the company of an array of animals including another English mastiff, a cockapoo, a mini dachshund, a Chihuahua mix, two cats, 11 horses, three zebus, three birds and hens.

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