10 Great Pet-Related Gifts

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10 Great Pet-Related Gifts

Reindeer antlers do not make good dog chew toys.The tinsel has been hung and the lights have been strung; the holiday season is officially upon us! Giving gifts to the ones you love is easy when you take a cue from their four legged friends. Here are 10 pet-related gift ideas for the animal lovers in your life.

1. Pet treat cookbook
Every pet owner is looking for new ways to show their appreciation for the unconditional love and joy pets bring us every day, why not with nutritious home cooked meals? Check out www.amazon.com for the perfect culinary accessory for the chefs in your life.

2. Pet Sitting Services
Arrange for Fido to be well cared for while the animal lover in your life gets to escape for the weekend.

3. Personalized iPhone case
Check out www.winkflash.com, where you can upload your favorite picture of your pal’s pet, creating a gift that will make her smile all year long.

4. Dog breed tree ornaments
Everyone thinks their dog’s breed is the best, and they’re right! Celebrate this by giving a look-a-like ornament to add some cheer to the Christmas tree. Check out www.forloveofadog.com for a selection of breed inspired tree decorations.

5. Bar-top inspired gifts
Here’s the perfect present for the entertainer in your life. A cat-inspired wine rack or wiener dog corkscrew is sure to delight! www.potpourrigift.com has a variety of selections to choose from.

6. Donate to a local shelter
A donation in honor of a pet from the past, or to celebrate a current furry friend is a beautiful way to recognize the true holiday spirit.

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7. Grooming gift certificate
Everyone loves to have their pet looking and feeling their best! Consider a gift certificate to the local groomer so Fluffy can wow holiday guests.

8. Professional pet portraits
Arrange to have Fido’s mug shot taken professionally and framed. Pictures undoubtedly capture memories and will be cherished.

9. Customized clay paw print ornament
Kits can be purchased for capturing an impression of a paw. This gift works especially well for the non-traditional pets, such as lizards and rats – get creative! Check out www.veterinarywisdom.com for available kits.

10. Pet insurance
Pet insurance is truly the gift that keeps giving – both to the pet and the pet owner! Consider insuring the pets in your life, making the best veterinary care more affordable.

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