International Business Leader Joins Pets Best Board of Directors

International business leader, Dennis Steadman.

Dennis Steadman offers extensive background in business and veterinary pharmaceuticals

BOISE, Idaho – Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet health insurance agency, announced today that Dennis Steadman, a recognized business leader across the U.S. and abroad, has joined the agency’s Board of Directors.

Steadman offers more than 35 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and serving in executive roles with prominent multi-national companies, including a successful veterinary pharmaceutical company he built from the ground up.

Prior to joining Pets Best board, Steadman served as president, CEO and director of Velcera, Inc., an animal health company he developed from concept into a thriving business that was eventually acquired for $160 million. In addition, Steadman served as a senior executive with Merial and Merck, both international developers, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals.

He has also worked as a consultant for numerous Fortune 500 companies and founded Valorum Associates, a company providing strategic and organizational advisory services. He is currently chairman of the board at Piedmont Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on animal health therapeutics.

“Dennis’ extensive background in the veterinary industry will serve as an asset to Pets Best’s efforts to help pet owners afford veterinary care and essential pet medication,” said Greg McDonald, CEO of Pets Best. “We look forward to working alongside him as we continue to serve as a trusted partner for pet owners across the nation.”

Steadman has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his career, including the creation of a successful venture-backed start-up, as well as forming and implementing innovative veterinary pharmaceutical distribution models in both America and Japan that have been in use for decades. He also designed and executed the successful merger and integration of two multinational veterinary pharmaceutical companies in North America.

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Pets Best Celebrates 10 Years of Protecting Dogs and Cats

Pets Best celebrates 10 years of protecting dogs and cats.

2015 marks pet insurance agency’s 10th anniversary

BOISE, Idaho – Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, announced today that 2015 marks the agency’s 10th anniversary. Pets Best was co-founded in Boise, Idaho, in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, a veterinarian and pet insurance industry veteran, and Greg McDonald, a seasoned property and casualty insurance executive. Dr. Stephens had previously launched the pet insurance industry in North America in 1981.

The first pet insured on a Pets Best plan was Dr. Stephens’ 1.5-pound teacup Chihuahua, Torrey. In the 10 years since, Pets Best has sold more than 157,000 pet insurance policies. Pets Best offers pet insurance plans for dogs and cats in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

“During the past 10 years, Pets Best has firmly established itself as a true innovator in the U.S. pet insurance industry,” Dr. Stephens said. “Before I founded the nation’s first successful pet insurance company in 1981, approximately 50 companies had already attempted to enter the market. In recent decades, many pet insurance agencies have come and gone, but Pets Best continues to serve as a trusted leader in the industry.”

The team at Pets Best is comprised of pet owners and pet lovers, many of whom have veterinary backgrounds and are involved with animal rescue efforts. The company’s mission is to end economic euthanasia by helping to ensure pet owners are financially prepared when their pets need unexpected veterinary care. Economic euthanasia often occurs when pet owners are unable to afford costly veterinary care for their pets.

The following timeline documents the major milestones that led to Pets Best celebrating 10 successful years in business:

1981 – Dr. Stephens launches first successful pet insurance company in North America.

1982 – Dr. Stephens presents the nation’s first pet insurance policy to television icon Lassie at a press conference in Los Angeles with Mayor Tom Bradley.

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Pets Best Releases 2014 List of Most Popular Pet Names

Mixed breed dog, Lola has been protected by Pets Best since 2013.

Mixed breed dog, Lola has been protected by Pets Best since 2013.

Bella remains No. 1 dog name for third consecutive year  

BOISE, Idaho –

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, released its annual list of the top 10 most popular names for dogs and cats enrolled with the agency in 2014.

While it’s typical to see a slight shift in dog and cat names from year to year, the cat names of 2014 have seen significant changes this year. Six of the 10 most popular cat names are new to this year’s list, while the top five dog names are repeats of 2013. For the third year in a row, Bella remains the most popular canine name. Other timeless classics like Max, Lucy and Charlie continued to hold strong at the top of the canine list.

Top 10 Dog Names of 2014
1. Bella
2. Max
3. Lucy
4. Charlie
5. Daisy

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Pets Best Releases Annual List of Most Popular Pet Breeds

Mixed breed dog, Koda has been protected by Pets Best since 2009.

Mixed breed dogs and domestic felines top lists of most insured breeds

BOISE, Idaho – Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, released its annual list of the top 10 most popular dog and cat breeds enrolled with the agency in 2014.

In the company’s nine years of insuring dogs and cats, the top 10 most popular breeds have remained relatively consistent. However, the agency has noticed definite trends during the years, with certain breeds gaining popularity and others falling in the rankings.

Tracking data on 234 dog breeds and 46 cat breeds, Pets Best has listed its top 10 breeds for both dogs and cats in 2014.

Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2014
1. Mixed breed
2. Labrador retriever
3. Designer/hybrid

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Pets Best Releases List of Bizarre Holiday Claims

My Vet's the Best contest winner, Dr. Kathleen Heneghan of River Grove, Illinois.

Dogs ingesting turkey carcass, frozen croissants top list of unusual claims.

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency based in Boise, Idaho, released its annual list of the most bizarre pet insurance claims submitted to the agency during the holiday season. Since Pets Best was formed in 2005, the pet insurance agency has received a wide range of surprising claims from pet owners.

Below are four of the most unusual holiday-related claims Pets Best has processed recently:

Costly Croissants

For many, baking is a holiday tradition. From breads to decadent desserts, there’s usually something special in the oven during the holiday season. A 2-year-old Siberian husky named Zoey really bit off more than she could chew when she decided to eat a whole box of frozen croissants. Due to the high amount of yeast in bread dough, a veterinarian induced vomiting and monitored Zoey for hypoglycemia and signs of ethanol toxicity. After a short hospitalization, Zoey was well enough to return to her terrible twos in the comfort of her own home. Pets Best reimbursed Zoey’s parents 90 percent of their veterinary bill after their deductible was met.

Not-So-Cozy Slippers

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