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Pets Best Insurance Advocates Take Your Dog to Work Day in June

Boise, Idaho based Pets Best Insurance, one of the nation’s leading pet health insurance agencies, supports PSI’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® on June 22nd and every day, as a reminder of the numerous health benefits of pet ownership.

Anyone unfamiliar with the day-to-day workings of the Pets Best Insurance office might think the employees celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day everyday—and in essence they do.

“I hope employers around the country will recognize June 22nd as a national pet holiday,” Pets Best Insurance President and Founder Dr. Jack Stephens said. “We have a pet friendly office and always have. Any day you come visit us, you’ll be greeted by at least ten or fifteen wagging tails… and that’s at the very minimum.”

Dr. Stephens said the reason the Pets Best Insurance office is pet friendly is twofold.
“One, I always like having my Teacup Chihuahua Torrey by my side, and two, not only are pets man and woman’s best friend, but it’s been proven being a pet owner is good for overall health.”

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Pets Best Insurance Reports its Top Most Costly Pet Insurance Claims

Boise, Idaho based Pets Best Insurance, a leading provider of US pet health insurance, publishes some of its highest pet insurance claims over the past year.

Pets Best Insurance says the sky high pet insurance claim submissions it continues to see are a testament to the continual strengthening of the pet-owner bond.

“People who love their pets will do anything for them,” Pets Best Insurance President and Founder Dr. Jack Stephens said. “Vet costs are on the rise because pet owners are willing to spend almost any amount to save their pets. But with pet insurance, the out-of-pocket cost can be substantially decreased, which may make pet health care more affordable.”
Pets Best Insurance has identified some of the highest claims it has received over the past year that cost pet owners $10,000 or more at the veterinarian. Pets Best Insurance paid a flat percentage of each, up to their allowable limits. Some of the most expensive claims this year included:

1. Car Accident
Pets Best Insurance received a claim for over $55,000 for a dog that was hit by a car and kept on life support for two weeks. The dog sustained fractures but is reportedly doing well!

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Pet Insurance Provider, Pets Best Insurance, Announces Dr. Tom Greek as First Quarter Winner in 2012 My Vet’s the Best Contest

Pets Best Insurance, one of the nation’s leading pet health insurance providers, congratulates its first quarter winner in the 2012 My Vet’s the Best contest, Dr. Tom Greek of Yorba Linda, California based Greek & Associates Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Greek has been selected as the winner of My Vet’s the Best, after receiving a heartfelt nomination from client Liddy Kammer and getting a whopping 533 clicks in an online vote amongst himself and a handful other nominated veterinarians from around the country. Overall, Pets Best Insurance received hundreds of nominations this quarter.

Kammer’s nomination was selected because she said that she thinks of Dr. Greek as both a fine vet and a dear friend.

“He has a passion for all types of animals and wants to offer his high level of care at prices that are affordable to nearly anyone looking out for the well-being of their beloved pet,” Kammer said.

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US Pet Insurance Founder Reflects on 30th Anniversary of Pet Insurance Industry

Dr. Jack Stephens, the veterinarian who founded the first US pet insurance agency and issued the first pet insurance policy to TV dog Lassie in California in the 1980s looks back on 30 years of helping pet owners afford the best vet care.

Dr. Jack Stephens, founder of pet insurance in the U.S. in 1981, issued the first policy ever to Lassie.

The month of April marks the 30th anniversary since Dr. Jack Stephens, who’s considered the “founder” of the pet health insurance industry in North America, issued the first pet insurance policy to esteemed celebrity dog Lassie.

Dr. Stephens said it amazes him to think back on how the US pet insurance industry came to be.

“In 1979 a client and her daughter brought their dog ‘Buffy’ into my practice,” Dr. Stephens said. “Ultimately, the mother decided she couldn’t afford the dog’s treatment and requested euthanasia.”

Dr. Stephens said he complied with a heavy heart. A few weeks later he ran into the mother and her daughter at the local grocery store.

“When her mother asked her daughter if she remembered me, she replied, ‘Yes, you’re the man who killed my dog.’”

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Pets Best Insurance Unveils Exciting News at Western Veterinary Conference

Pets Best Insurance, a leading provider of pet health insurance, announced exciting changes for the company, their policyholders and veterinarians nationwide at WVC in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Boise, ID-April 11, 2012- It was an exciting week for Pets Best Insurance as they capped off participation at the annual Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada by announcing some big company news at an event the pet insurance agency hosted for more than 200 industry professionals, including veterinarians, industry trade journal publishers and editors, and local media.

Pets Best Insurance announced new plan options for pet owners that were not previously available, including annual-based plans, cancer-only coverage, accident-only coverage, specialized feline plans and more deductible and co-pay options in select states.

“We are excited about our new innovative plans and programs. Our customers will have the flexibility to choose the coverage that is right for them, meets the needs of their pets, and allows them to stay within their budget,” states Dr. Jack Stephens, the original founder of the pet health insurance industry in the US and leader of Pets Best Insurance.

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