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Pets Best Featured in Living the Country Life

Pets Best featured in the Living the Country Life discussing the most popular dog breeds.Top 10 most insured dog breeds
Published: January 29, 2014
By: Betsy Freese

“Pets Best Insurance Services, a U.S. pet insurance agency, released its list of the most popular dog breeds enrolled with the agency in 2013. You might be surprised at what is Number 1! Click through to see the most insured dogs.”

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Pets Best Releases 2013 List of Most Popular Pet Breeds

Lola, a mixed breed dog insured with Pets Best sits in the grass, smiling.BOISE, Idaho – Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC (Pets Best), a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, today released its list of the top 10 most popular dog and cat breeds enrolled with the agency in 2013.

In the company’s eight years of insuring dogs and cats, the top 10 most popular breeds have remained relatively consistent. However, the agency has noticed definite trends during the years, with certain breeds gaining popularity and others falling in the rankings.

While a number of breeds have gained popularity in recent years, the French bulldog has seen the most dramatic rise. In 2006, the French bulldog was the 55th most popular dog breed enrolled with Pets Best. By 2013, the small, muscular pooch soared up the list to become the 19th most popular breed.

“Several years ago, French bulldogs started popping up in television commercials and print ads,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, president and founder of Pets Best. “When a relatively unknown dog breed begins to enter the mainstream, it creates a buzz among prospective pet owners and begins to affect ownership trends.”

Compared to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) 2012 dog registration statistics, the Pets Best top 10 list offers several surprising findings. First, the No. 1 most popular dog breed enrolled with Pets Best not only in 2013 but throughout the agency’s history is a mixed or designer breed. This is of note because the AKC only recognizes purebred dogs, without highlighting the popularity of mixed breeds. Pets Best found mixed-breed dogs solidly hold the No. 1 spot. In 2013, mixed breeds made up nearly 30 percent of all canines enrolled with the agency.

While the AKC list does not include pit bulls, the Pets Best rankings show pit bulls as the seventh most popular dog of 2013. Based on data from Pets Best, this category includes the American pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. The category climbed from 10th place in 2007.

In addition to these rankings, the ever-popular Labrador retriever held second place for most popular dog breeds. Among the top cat breeds, the domestic shorthair ranked first, followed by mixed-breed cats and the American shorthair.

Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2013

1. Mixed breed
2. Labrador retriever
3. Yorkshire terrier
4. Golden retriever
5. Chihuahua
6. Shih Tzu
7. Pit bullRead More…

Pets Best Featured in Idaho Business Review

Idaho Business Review article featuring the Pets Best Santa Photo event to benefit the Meridian Valley Humane Society.

Good Works: Pets Best holds pet photo event for MVHS
Published: January 21,2014
By: IBR Staff

“Pets Best Insurance Services hosted a pet photo event, benefiting the Meridian Valley Humane Society, on Dec. 18 at H3 Pet Foods in Meridian.

Pets were invited to pose for holiday photos with Santa Claus for a minimum $10 donation. Additionally, H3 Pet Foods donated 30 bags of pet food to MVHS.

The event raised $700, including a matching donation from Pets Best.

Twenty-five families brought 35 dogs to the event, including several dogs that had been adopted from the Meridian Valley Humane Society.”

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Pets Best Releases 2013 List of Most Popular Pet Names

Bella, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been protected by Pets Best since 2008.BOISE, Idaho – In an effort to highlight current pet-naming trends, Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, has released its list of the top 10 most popular names for dogs and cats enrolled with the agency in 2013.

Each year, pop culture tends to have a considerable impact on the names people select for their pets. Illustrating this trend, Bella was the No. 1 name among dogs insured by Pets Best. The increased popularity of the name Bella can be attributed to the well-known main character of the “Twilight” book and movie series. Bella also served as the most popular canine name in 2012.

While Lucy took the No. 2 spot for canines, other favorites in 2013 included classic dog names that remain popular throughout the years, such as Max, Buddy, Molly and Charlie. Although Bailey was the fourth most popular name in 2012, it slid to tenth place in 2013.

Lucy was the most popular cat name, representing an impressive increase from 2012, when it was tenth on the list. Bella was also popular among felines, placing fourth in 2013. In addition, the name Lily dropped from first place in 2012 to fifth in 2013. Simba, the name of the courageous young lion in Disney’s animated film “The Lion King,” fell out of the top ten in 2013 after ranking fourth in 2012. Simba’s spike in popularity likely came as a result of the popular film’s 3D rerelease in 2011.

 Top 10 Dog Names of 2013

1. Bella

2. Lucy

3. Max

4. Charlie

5. DaisyRead More…

Pets Best Featured in Parade Magazine

A dog sits.The Dog Ate the Santa Suit
Published: December 12, 2013
By: Michele C. Hollow

“The holiday season is filled with trappings that people love, like decorations, desserts and bustling crowds,” says Dr. Jack Stephens, founder and president of Pets Best, a nationwide pet-insurance agency. “Unfortunately, there are many aspects of these celebrations that can threaten our pets.”

Pets can get into mischief, and sometimes their curiosity can harm them. Here are a few bizarre holiday-related claims Pets Best has processed, some of which might even shock the Grinch…”

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