Canine Journal Ranks Pets Best Insurance As a Leading Pet Insurance

Canine Journal Ranks Pets Best Insurance As a Leading Pet Insurance Provider in Annual Industry Audit

Boise, Idaho – For over a decade, Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, (Pets Best) a leading U.S. pet insurance agency based in Boise, Idaho, has helped provide peace of mind to pet parents by offering customizable pet insurance plans and quick reimbursements on veterinary bills. Pets Best has built a reputation of customer-centric innovations that put the customer’s best interests first, and today is proud to announce that they have been ranked nationally once again as a top pet insurance provider by Canine Journal in a recent comprehensive 2017 audit, Pet Insurance Reviews 2017.

pets best pet health insurance for dogs and cats.

Canine Journal, an online resource covering every aspect of caring for dogs from health concerns and food to dog resorts and much more, was founded by Michelle Schenker in 2007. Schenker and her family are also current policy holders with Pets Best for their own two rescue dogs, Bella and Lily, which made this selection even more personal for Pets Best.

Canine Journal ranked Pets Best a top pet insurance provider.

“It’s an honor to once again receive such a high rank from Canine Journal,” said Chris Middleton, president of Pets Best. “Their team closely evaluates the offerings and differentiators of every pet insurance provider in the market, and knowing that Schenker is also a customer of ours, makes this selection even more exciting for our team. It proves that we’re truly doing something right for our customers and their pets.”Read More…

Union Plus Selects Pets Best to Exclusively Offer Pet Insurance to Union Members

Boise, Idaho – Union Plus has selected Pets Best, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, to offer pet health insurance plans to the 12.5 million members of AFL-CIO unions. Pets Best was selected for their comprehensive plans, flexible coverage options and outstanding customer service. Union members will receive up to a 10% discount on pet insurance plans.

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance for dogs and cats.

“We wanted to provide the millions of union families with dogs and cats a way to reduce the high costs of the veterinary care,” Union Plus CEO Mitch Stevens said. “We selected Pets Best as our pet insurance provider because of their genuine commitment to quality customer service and customizable coverage options.”

Pets Best was founded by a veterinarian in 2005 with mission to save pets. Since then, Pets Best has paid over $130 million in pet insurance claims to pet owners across the country. Pets Best offers more plan options and price points than nearly any other U.S. pet insurance company, ensuring pet owners can customize their plan to fit specific needs. With a consistent focus on high customer satisfaction, Pets Best reimburses customers quickly when they submit a claim. With Pets Best, there are no networks, customers can use any licensed veterinarian, including emergency vets and specialist.

Union Plus, founded by the AFL-CIO in 1986, uses the collective buying power of America’s 12.5 million union members to deliver top-quality benefits and services at competitive prices to working families. Union Plus offers a wide-range of programs, including credit cards, home mortgages, discounts on wireless service from AT&T, insurance protection, and travel, recreation and entertainment discounts. To learn more, visit

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Pets Best Named Best Places to Work in Idaho

For the Fifth Consecutive Year, Pets Best’s Pet-Friendly Offices Made for an Employee Loved Office Space

Boise, IdahoPets Best Insurance Services, LLC, (Pets Best) a leading U.S. pet insurance agency based in Boise, Idaho, is thrilled to announce they have been named one of the Best Places to Work in Idaho for the fifth consecutive year.

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance for dogs and cats.

Pets Best is dedicated to putting their employees first, but it doesn’t stop there. The biggest morale booster around the Pets Best office is their pet-friendly office space, complete with employees’ cats, dogs, and even the occasional pet pig! Over the years, Pets Best has seen that having the ability to bring your furry friend to work is a great way to improve work-life balance and increase productivity by not having to worry about your pet being home alone.

“We are honored to have been recognized for the fifth year in a row,” said Chris L. Middleton, president of Pets Best. “It’s truly a testament to all of Pets Best’s dedicated employees who help keep our office upbeat, fun, and productive.”

Each year a survey is sent to all employees, which aims to track employee happiness using metrics such as performance in compensation and benefits, employee growth and development, work-life balance, workplace environment and company management. Pets Best is among a select group recognized by the Best Places to Work in Idaho, an annual collaboration between the Idaho Business Review and POPULUS.

Customer care team member, Kendra, has been part of the Pets Best family since 2013. “I love working at Pets Best because it isn’t a job you come to every day just to punch in and punch out. Pets Best is a family, we know one another.” said Kendra. “Everyone is treated with the same respect, no matter where you’re at in the company whether you’re the CEO or part of the customer care team. Everyone is compassionate to our customers and each other, and it shows each and every day.”

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Pets Best Donates $500 in Support of Gateway Pet Guardians

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance for dogs and cats.
Jordin with his therapy dog, Hank, from Gateway Pet Guardians.

BOISE, IdahoPets Best Insurance Services, LLC, (Pets Best), a leading U.S. pet insurance agency based in Boise, Idaho, is pleased to announce a $500 donation in support of Gateway Pet Guardians.

Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit shelter and pet rescue based in St. Louis, Missouri, that makes a difference in people’s lives across the United States with pet therapy adoption programs. Pets Best recognizes and supports the importance of therapy programs which is why during the month of February, for each new enrolled Pets Best policy holder, a portion of that new policy was donated back to Gateway Pet Guardians.

“We’ve been partnering with Gateway Pet Guardians for years now, but when we saw the story about Jordin Brewer, a nine-year-old boy from Missouri who has been battling with debilitating anxiety for years, to the point where his mom, Jennifer, couldn’t take the burden anymore and sought any help she could find, we knew we needed to get involved,” said Chris L. Middleton, president of Pets Best.

After researching dog therapy programs that might be a fit for her son’s situation, she found that adopting a certified therapy dog to be both cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. When a volunteer at Gateway Pet Guardians and family friend of the Brewers heard of their search for a support dog for Jordin, she thought of a solution.Read More…

Maryland Therapy Dog Wins National Books & Barks Contest

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance for dogs and cats Annual Books and Barks Contest of 2017.

Pets Best Hosts fourth annual contest to recognize therapy dogs in classrooms and libraries across the United States.

BOISE, Idaho – Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet health insurance agency, today announced the winner of its fourth annual Books & Barks Contest. Rudy, a therapy dog that works full-time with the students at Pocomoke High School in Maryland, won the contest with a total of 2,209 votes.

The Books & Barks Contest was created by Pets Best Insurance in 2014 to recognize and bring awareness to the inspirational work of therapy dogs in classrooms and libraries across the nation. Individuals voted in support of the four finalists from across the U.S., casting their votes on the Pets Best Facebook page. Runner-up Sadie, a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees from Ohio, came in a close second with 1,849 votes. The other finalists included Copper, who works full time at B.F. Kitchen Elementary School in Loveland, Colorado, and Leeloo, who frequently visits the students at Douglas Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas.

“Pets Best is proud of all of our finalists and pleased that our 2017 contest received such an enthusiastic response from the public,” said Chris L. Middleton, president of Pets Best. “Therapy dog programs play an increasingly significant role in the school setting and it’s wonderful to see communities supporting these amazing animals.”Read More…

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