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Pet Insurance Multi-Pet Discount

These dogs qualify for a discount.

Do you have more than one pet? Insure them all today! In most states, we offer an instant discount when you insure multiple pets.

We don’t require medical records to enroll, and coverage will begin in as little as 3 days. Get a quote now to see which discounts apply to the plans you choose.

Wellness and Routine Care Insurance

Beautiful cats.

If you’re looking for pet wellness benefits, our BestWellness™ routine care coverage helps pay for vaccinations, routine exams, blood work, spaying, neutering and more – without a deductible to meet. BestWellness can be added to any accident and illness plan for an additional premium.

Why Pet Insurance?

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We offer affordable pet insurance plans for kittens, puppies, dogs and cats ages 7 weeks and older. Starting at less than $1 per day, our plans have no upper age limits and we don't reduce or cancel coverage because of your pet's age. What's more, we offer discounts in most states when you enroll with multiple pets.

*Available in most states

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