Pet Insurance Videos

Questions about dog health including the flu and post-spay hormones are answered by Dr. Fiona Caldwell.
Dr. Fiona Caldwell answers pet health questions for Pets Best Facebook fans.
Dr. Fiona Caldwell answers dog health questions asked by Pets Best Facebook fans.
Dr. Caldwell answers pet health questions asked by our Facebook friends.
Pet insurance video model Tulah shows off what’s different about her, and Dr. Caldwell talks about how well animals can adapt, even to major physical changes.
Are nutritional supplements crucial to overall pet health? Dr. Caldwell answers this question, asked on our Facebook page.
Dr. Caldwell for Pets Best: how to trim your dog’s nails. It can be done!
Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth, and how dental health plays an important role in overall pet health.
Pet insurance advocate Dr. Caldwell shows you how to keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy in order to avoid ear infections.