Claim Pre-Approval

Learn About Our Claim Pre-Authorization Services

Pet insurance claim pre-approval available through Pets Best Insurance.

Now it’s easier than ever to make the best treatment decisions for your pet! Pets Best offers Claim Pre-Approval when you need to know ahead of time how much we’ll reimburse on your accident or illness claim.

How to Request Claim Pre-Approval

1. Call Pets Best at 877-738-7237
2. We’ll send you a pre-authorization form by fax or email
3. Complete the form and send it back with a signed estimate of expenses from your           veterinarian
4. Receive a Decision Letter in about 30 minutes

Eligible Claims
Claim pre-approval can be requested when your pet needs veterinary care due to an accident or illness. The service is available to Pets Best policyholders whose waiting periods have passed (3 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses).

Because we offer a complete list of specific wellness benefits, routine care claims are not eligible for pre-approval. Visit our BestWellness routine care coverage page to see coverage amounts.

Our Guarantee
If we pre-approve your claim, we guarantee to reimburse you the amount indicated in your Decision Letter. Simply submit a paid invoice after treatment and we'll process your claim right away.