Top 14 most funny kitty names

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By: Dr. Jane Matheys
Associate Veterinarian
The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital
For Pets Best Insurance

It’s said that laughter is the best medicine, and as a practicing veterinarian and pet insurance enthusiast, I know this this true! So here’s a dose of laughter that is sure to keep you healthy. I’ve always been amused by the funny names people choose for their cats. Here are some of the best that I’ve come across in my time as a vet.

1. Bird Dog
It’s what the owner really wanted to get, but a cat fit his lifestyle better. The poor kitty has to bear the brunt of the owner’s wishful thinking.

2. Mousetrap
Technically that’s what a cat is, so I can’t argue with this one.

3. Dog Food
A cat could be this too, I suppose. But I hope not! Unfortunately, we’ve seen our share of cats that have been chewed on or bitten by dogs. It’s instances like these where cat insurance can come in handy.

4. Boogyman
My colleague examined this cat. But his demeanor wasn’t as scary as his name implies.

5. Albus Percival Peanut
He started out as just Peanut, but that was too plain and his owners thought his name needed more bling! I’d say they achieved this goal.

6. Buttsey Wiggle
This is one of my all time favorites! It’s descriptive and cute. I always laugh when I see my own cats do their impression of “buttsey wiggle” when they’re about to pounce on an object.

7. Chunky Butt
There’s just something about those big, fluffy, kitty posteriors that captures owners’ imaginations!

8. Monk E. Buht
Of course, a guy came up with this one! Need I say more?

9. Skimbleshanks and Grizabella
They’re both from the T. S. Eliot poem and Broadway play “CATS”, but the first one is much harder to roll off the tongue.

10. Leonardo DiCatrio
There’ s plenty of famous people to play off their names.

11. Harley Davidson
If you have a cool last name, why not take advantage of it?

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12. Nickat Knight
Another last name you can work with. This refers to Nick at Night on the Nickelodeon channel, I belileve.

13. NBC
Also known as “Not Bill’s Cat.” When this stray was found, Bill said “This is not going to be my cat.” The cat had other ideas. Sorry Bill.

14. Very Delicious Omelet
This wins my category of most bizarre. This kitty suddenly appeared on the back deck one morning when the owners were cooking an omelet. Apparently they were good cooks, too. So what else could they call her, right?

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  • Susan

    Fuzz Face – When I took in a stray kitten she would go down the basement and get those dust bunnies on her whiskers. She would come upstairs looking all proud of herself with fuzz all over her face. We were trying to pick a name for her but she decidedly picked her own name and indeed her new owners : )

  • Bruno Haineault

    Names? What about “Chairman Meow” and “Claudius Maximus” (aka “Max”)

  • Gina

    My cat orginally had two other names; Puss-BalI, then I changed it to Master Card. I found a cat that had gotten one paw through his collar causing it to be super tight around his shoulder, chest and he had the buckle of the collar under his armpit . It has been like that for a while because it sliced him opened all the way around. He was a cut up, infected mess. I had no plans to keep him , but I took him to the vet to have him fixed up and they needed a name. Puss-Ball was the first, then when I got the bills for surgery, follow-ups, meds, etc. I changed it to Master Card. Well I got attached and he’s mine. I have pet insurance on him and he is now living up to his real name; Bubba. :)

  • Katherine

    Our big guy’s name is Tank. But he regularly gets called Fatty-Fatter McFatterson, because of his wide kitty butt!

  • Jane

    Hardrock & Shagnasty-
    My brother came up with these names for two kittens that our Manx cat had.

  • ACW

    My two (littermates), DeForest Kittey and Captain James Tiberius Kat (De and Jimmy), a.k.a. “Classic Kat,” were joined the following year by a stray, Geordi LaFur, ‘Cat: The Next Generation.’ Alas, all three reached the end of their ninth life some time ago, and the current cat’s name is not especially funny.

  • Jessica

    Our boy is named Ritalin…says it all.

  • Andrea

    My friend’s cat is called Fathead…. He certainly has one, it’s cute, as is he… He’s all over chubby and reminds me of a little Buddah statue… So I call him Buddah Boy!!!

  • Cheryl

    Indiana Jones
    This little boy was running around outside the apartment I live in and he just acted like he ruled the entire area. I couldn’t just leave him outside–so I brought him in. He has provided no end of monkey-business with my other cat.

  • Marla

    We had a wonderful male cream tabby named Sir Winkie Winklesworth Lanceless ~ Winkie for short. he was a great cat!

  • Angelica

    My cat’s name is Grilled Cheese! Funny thing is- she’s not even orange. Just thought it was a cute name for a chubby kitty!

  • Lisa Reed

    Lucious Verenous because Lucious has beautiful eyes like the actor did in the HBO series “Rome”

  • Patty

    Abby and Costella

  • Hannah

    Spaz… it was very fitting. When he was a kitten he would run frantically through the hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom and if we came anywhere near him he would jump sideways 3 times with his tail strait in the air. It was hilarious

  • Wendy

    Air Jordan
    This one was the best for jumping out of the box (and it was a tall box) to play. His siblings were left inside. This was at the time when Michael Jordan was huge.

  • Sheryl

    Cat Wiler-Pee Winker, Mini Moozilla, Harold T. Noodleman, Leonardo De Kitty, Bat-Mite, Jurasic Park Cat, Scrunge,

  • Kristina

    My husband is great at naming cats. When I met him he had clawed Monet. Now we have catrick Stewart, catalie portman, kitney spears and cleocatra jones. I don’t know what he will come up with next if I adopt any more!

  • Romena

    My cats are named Mother Cat and Chub-Chub. Mother Cat is Chub-Chub’s mother. Her name used to be Belai which means cat in Bengali.

  • Ruby

    I ahve a polydactyl cat – with 7 toes on each front paw. His name is…what else? Toby. I rescued his feral litter – four of the five kittens were polydactal: Clawdio, Tony, Topaz and Toby. The fifth was a gray one that my daughter named Stormy. Happy to say that all found great homes! Another rescue that I kept is named Will…Will Feral. His broyher – who went to a great home, too – is Colin. Yes, we are a little odd when we name our rescue kittens!

  • Carol jaggi

    Wobbler…..for the life of me I cannot remember the reason why……maybe wobbly legs when a kiten??

  • lisa


  • Brenda

    Our Norwegian Forest cat came from the shelter with the name Luke. But he is king of the house and is also known as King Olaf.

  • Jean

    My husband’s parents had Mighty Tail, a beautiful long haired, plump, orange tabby. They also had Smudge and Sharpie, two shiny black kits. Sadly, they all lived out their nine lives.

  • Richard

    I had a friend with two female DSH cats named Mouse and Commander.

  • Paul

    I had a friend with two female DSH cats named Mouse and Commander.

  • Teresa

    we named ours after Michaels:

    We had Jordon and Tyson.

    looking for a new cat now, he may be named Jackson.

  • Rebecca

    I have a cat named Colby Jack cheese, cheese for short. yep you guessed it, he is orange and white.

  • sandi

    our current cats: Larry, Ping, Pong, Pingette, Bandit, Mickey, April, Zane, Bret, Bart and Beau.
    Larry from Larry,Moe and Curly, Ping and Pong from the game, Pingette younger sister of Ping, Bandit, appears to have a mask on his face, April, abandoned by her mother in the roadway in April, Zane, a totally gray cat named after Zane Gray, author of Wild West adventures, Mickey, found at Micallizi’s furniture repair store, Bret, Bart and Beau named after the Maverick TV series characters.
    deceased cats; Nine, our ninth and not last cat, Maxine, our black cat, Leo, orange and white cat who looked like a small lion, Sung,named after a Chinese dynasty, Ming, also named after Chinese dynasty, Ching, named after the I Ching way of predicting future events, O.T, orange tuffy later known as orange tubby, Li and Lulu, feral kittens who were love bugs. fixed ferals: mommy, tux and halloween, mr. no nuts (after being fixed).

  • Betty

    Lotto….he was found by my husband in a warehouse and was just born. He brought him home to me and I carried him to the vet. Vet said he would not live since he never got the first milk from his mom. I nursed and wiped his butt every 2 hours and my vet said, “You did it!” I knew if anyone could you would be the one. Since he didn’t stand a chance of living we named him Lotto since we didn’t stand a chance of winning. He lived 13 years and I miss him so very much!

  • Nola

    -Ojo, orange & white tabby, named for a character in Bear In The Big Blue House t.v. series, an orange fluffy baby bear. Also a character in the OZ series.
    -Storm, came with the name when my husband brought her home to foster. Two years later, she is still here, and is ironically, scared of thunder storms.
    -Ra, our Bengal, named for the Egyptian Sun God.
    The rest have normal names like Cleopatra, Bubbles, Sparky, and Patch.


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