Pet Names: Finding a Fabulous First Name

A small kitten with pet insurance sits beside a Bulldog wearing a red sweater.

Working as a pet insurance sales agent, I get the pleasure of hearing hundreds of interesting pet names each day. In fact, Pets Best Insurance recently created a fun “Best in Show” dog cartoon about our most popular and funny insured pet names. It made me think- how do people come up with names for their pets? The following is a list of four ways people name their pets:

1. The Name Matches the Color
My very first dog was a mix between a German Sheppard and a who-knows-what. She was this brown/black/white furry little ball of fun. It took a few days before we decided her name– Pepper. She just reminded us of pepper, so my family went with it. It’s probably similar for the Spots and Patches of the world; they have some sort of markings or spots that influenced their name. I’d be willing to guess the Carbons and Charcoals do not sport blonde hair. And I doubt Snowflakes and Powders have dark hair – but that’s just a guess.

2. People Names
In my last post, I mentioned that I would name my future English Bulldog Chew. Now let me explain why I would give him that name. My first date with my wife-to-be was at a baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. At the time, the Rockies’ starting centerfielder was Choo (pronounced Chew) Freeman. As soon as I saw his name on the jumbotron, it stuck – I knew right then and there my next dog would be named Chew. I’m sure it’s the same with a lot of pet names. I wonder how many dogs and cats would be named Rocky if Sylvester Stallone didn’t exist, and how many Bellas would there be if Twighlight wasn’t so popular?

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3. The Name Just Sounds Fun
I would love to name my son Tank but it’s not going to happen. My wife wouldn’t allow it because he might be teased at school. I can imagine the looks my parents and friends would give me – “You named him what?” But I can name a dog Tank and it instantly becomes a great name; the raised eyebrows would turn into constant compliments. My point is that a dog has so much more leeway in the naming process. As a result, the Rufus’ and Beamer’s and Diamond’s still have a place in our society.

4. Somebody Else Named Your Pet
When people call in to get a cat or dog insurance quote for their pet, we always ask for their pet’s name. I can always tell which owners didn’t originally name their pet. There is often a slight hesitation, followed by a shy giggle before they concede the name. And after they finally divulge it, they are quick to inform me that they didn’t name the pet themselves, it’s just how it came. Pets Best Insurance is proud to insure thousands of rescues – even if hundreds of their owner’s are not fond of their names.

What is your pet’s name and how did you come up with it? Please share in our comments section below!

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  • Melissa Jones

    My cat’s name is Pickles and I am very happy to say that I named her myself. Actually I had the name in mind when I went to the shelter and picked out this funny looking kitten. But she was the softest kitty I had ever held. And she also had personality. Her name came from the main character in the children’s book The Fire Cat by Esther Averill. It was my favorite as a child. I receive lots of comments on her name and how it is a name that fits her. I can definitely tell you this. Pickles does not like pickles, dill or any other kind.


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