Top 14 Best Dog Names

A dog with pet health insurance pants with his tongue out.

Pets Best Insurance has already brought you some laughs by listing the funniest cat names, but what about the top dog names? As a practicing veterinarian, I’ve compiled a list of the top 14 most comical dog names I’ve ever heard!

1) Doogie Schnauzer M.D.
This little Schnauzer was actually very intelligent; he was just missing opposable thumbs to write his prescriptions.

2) Mr. Pickles Pepper
I can’t explain why, but every time I hear the name Mr. Pickles, it just makes me laugh. Especially when it is a little Chihuahua with the last name ‘Pepper’.

3) Farticus
Unfortunately, this dog was named after the owners got to know him first.

4) The Fonz
The owner of this dog actually looked like Fonzie! The dog looked a lot like his drooling counterpart. This 120-pound Newfoundland certainly had the hair to match the look.

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Good Dogs Bite Too: Training Can Help

A dog pet health insurance growls and shows his teeth.

This year, the first Dog Bite Investigation, Treatment, and Prevention Conference was held in Atlanta, Georgia. I attend a lot of training and animal behavior seminars, but this one was different. The attendees were made up of various professionals, all with a common interest of decreasing the number of dog bites. Lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, animal control officers and teachers, law enforcement officers and forensic investigators were present as well as dog trainers and behavior consultants.

The goal of this conference was to spread the word about the growing problem of dog bites, team up with other professionals to help decrease the number of bites, and educate people about why bites happen in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents.

The numbers are astounding. More than 4.7 million reported dog bites occur each year. 800,000 require medical attention. Fatalities are increasing each year. As of August 12, there have been 16 fatal dog bites in the United States, 12 of which were small children. The sad part is that these numbers are increasing, and the truth is, that any dog can bite.

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Do Puppy Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Hi. I’m Doctor Fiona Caldwell and I’m a veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital. I’m answering questions from Pets Best Facebook page today. This question comes from Aidan who writes, At what point should you have puppy teeth pulled if the adult ones are trying to come in or can’t come in me or came in and the baby teeth are still there? This is pretty common. This happens a lot, especially in smaller breed dogs. Read More…

Trick Your Cat Into Losing Weight

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys, from the Cat Doctor Veterinary and Hospital in Boise, Idaho. I’m here to answer a question posted on the Pets Best Facebook page, today.

This one is from Gina and she asks “If diet food is not working for an extremely overweight cat for years, what else can we try?” Often times even though an owner is feeding “diet food”, they’re still giving the cat too much. The cat’s consuming too many calories, and you’re just not going to see weight loss. The number one way that I can achieve good weight loss in cats

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A Veterinarian’s Take on Pet Insurance

A cat with pet health insurance is checked by a veterinarian.

Percy is one of our three beloved mutts. He was on his last legs at the local shelter, so we adopted him with the full knowledge that he was very wild and active, and had already been returned three times to the shelter.

As a veterinarian, I felt well equipped to handle his various wounds, daily accidents, the sutures, the upset stomachs and the ear infections. But when he needed intensive surgical intervention, I did not want to operate on my own dog. In the last five years, pet insurance has covered his six broken teeth (which needed root canals), his bloat surgery, his liver biopsies, his ultrasounds and his corn-cob-eating and subsequent surgery.

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