Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?

A cat with animal insurance tries to land on its feet.

I have always been fascinated by cats, including cat health, behavior, their agility and athleticism, and of course their amazing ability to usually land on their feet. Whether they’re overshooting windowsills on a quest for birds or miscalculating fences as they run from barking dogs, they appear to regain perfect balance without much effort.

The question of how cats do this has baffled scientists for a very long time. In 1890, famous French scientist Etienne Jules Marey dropped a cat and filmed it using the first high speed camera which he invented. Yes, you can find the (very short) clip on YouTube! This offered the first glimpse into understanding this unique phenomenon.

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Looking for a Dog-Friendly Vacation Destination?

Hairy Putter, a pet insurance enthusiast, enjoys a meal at the table.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Hairy Putter and I am a six-year-old Cairn terrier. My good friends at Pets Best Insurance have asked me to share with you some of the fabulous fun you and your uprights can have traveling together.

You no doubt have heard the old adage, “it’s a dog’s life” and maybe wondered what exactly does that mean? Well, I can’t speak for every dog but I can tell you what it means for me. You see, I have quite a unique life. For a start, I live in one of the most dog friendly and beautiful places in the country, Mendocino County, California and I have a very great and wonderful job.

I am the Director of Barketing and I work for Visit Mendocino County, Inc., the promotional arm of Mendocino County, barking to the world about all the fun activities and adventures that you can have when you visit. I also have a blog,, where I review and share pet friendly places and establishments; my Pet Friendly Travel Guide for Mendocino County is also available for download.  ­­

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Why Even “Good” Dogs Need to Obey Leash Laws

A dog with pet health insurance sits in a camping chair, wearing a leash.

I recently had a nerve-wracking experience while camping with my dog and infant son. One afternoon as we walked through the campground, I noticed two large dogs running toward us: ears alert, eyes focused on us.There were no people nearby and the closest campsite was about 100 yards away.

Working in the pet insurance industry, I understand the importance of ensuring my dog always wears her leash, but despite her barking and my commands for the other dogs to “get outta here!” the dogs continued to come at us. With my baby in a front carrier, I couldn’t help but worry I was about to watch a gruesome dog fight happen.

Just before all heck broke loose, the dogs’ owners came running. It took them a few minutes because no one had noticed the dogs had left their campsite until they heard me yelling. The dogs wouldn’t obey a single command until the owners had them by their collars.

A recent survey on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page revealed 27% of dog owners don’t always follow leash laws – and that includes the nearly 4% who think their dogs never need to be on leashes. Here are the top 3 reasons why leash laws should be followed 100% of the time:

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Pet Q&A with Veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens

Dr. Jack Stephens, the founder of US pet health insurance, sits with his pets.
I just found out my pet has a chronic kidney disease which is very costly to treat and none of the dog or cat insurance companies will cover this condition. Why does pet insurance exclude pre-existing conditions?

Dr. Jack Stephens’ Answer:
Insurance is purchased to protect against future, unknown events. Take car insurance for example. Once you’ve already been in a car accident you can’t call to get insurance coverage for repairs. No insurer would reimburse for damage that’s already occurred. If you think of pre-existing health conditions in these terms, it’s easier to understand why a pet insurance company isn’t able to cover things that exist prior to enrolling in a policy. Insurance transfers financial risk from you to the insurance company for future events in exchange for your monthly premium. If the insurance company covered pre-existing conditions, the premium cost would be much too high for the customers to even afford.

Pet health insurance operates by insuring thousands of pets and then pooling the premiums to pay claims for the insured. Some pets will have no claims, while others will have quite large claims. Being insured may help pet owners afford costly pet care for accidents and illness.

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