Silly Dogs, Trick-or-Treating is for Kids

Buddy wishes he could go trick-or-treating, but we recommend pets stay home.
There’s something exciting about trick-or-treating, no matter how old you are. The cool fall air, dead leaves crunching under foot, a gentle wind whistling by your ear…

But no matter how excited you are to fill that pillowcase with candy, for the sake of pet health, it’s probably a good idea to leave the dogs at home on Halloween night. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Dropped Goodies

Dogs love to scavenge, but Halloween night is not the time to allow it. Kids drop candy and wrappers, and both could cause pet health issues. In addition to chocolate and raisins being toxic to dogs, wrappers cause a choking hazard and could even cause intestinal blockages if swallowed.

2. Other Dogs

When it’s dark, people are in costumes, the doorbell has been ringing and strangers have been showing up at the house all night, dogs can be on edge. There may be one or two roaming your neighborhood after escaping when kids came to the door, or the Read More…

Smart Solutions for Cats & Carriers

Cat insurance can help pay for routine visits to keep your cat healthy.Feline visits to the veterinary’s office have declined steadily over the past decade, despite the fact that the population of cats has increased over the years. It’s estimated that over half of household pets are cats, but felines only make up 39% of visits overall in the veterinary clinic1. Possible reasons for this trend include the misconception that indoor cats don’t need cat insurance or regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations, and due to the fact that, well, getting the cat in the carrier and in the car and in the waiting room and then in the exam room is stressful for the cat, and you! Here are 5 tips for making your cat’s next vet visit smoother:

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Five Pet Hazards to Watch for This Fall

Keep fall a safe time for your pet.Ah, the crisp fall air, chilly mornings and early night-fall are clear indications that autumn has definitely arrived! Fall is a terrific time for family, as the days shorten and the school year starts up full swing. For many people ‘family’ includes the furry, four-legged members as well. And just as predictably as the leaves will change color, there are some changes that go hand in hand with the colder weather that you might consider in order to keep the whole family safe, happy and healthy this fall. Since accidents do happen, always have a pet insurance plan in place as a way to ensure your beloved pet has access to the best treatment available.

1. Antifreeze
Winterizing the family car often includes topping off antifreeze levels. Antifreeze actually tastes sweet, and therefore when left out, or spilled, pets will readily ingest it. Antifreeze is extremely toxic, especially to cats, where even a small amount can be lethal. Always prevent your animal’s exposure to household chemicals, and especially antifreeze. If you are concerned your pet may have been exposed to antifreeze, immediate veterinary attention is warranted.

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Five Ways to Help Children with the Loss of a Pet

When kids are sad because a pet died, a Tribute Table like this one might help.Children are organic mourners. Adults are the barometer for how children will handle death, therefore, the healthiest way to help a child adjust to the death of a pet is to give them honest, simple explanations. Show them that it’s okay to be sad and allow them to do what comes naturally to them.

From a young age, children begin to understand the concept of death, even though they may be unaware of it at a conscious level. “Any child old enough to love is old enough to mourn,” says Alan Wolfelt, PhD., world-renowned grief expert.

When a pet is dying, it may be more difficult for a child to resolve the grief experienced if the child is not told the truth. Avoid phrases like put to sleep, God needed an angel, or a special shot. All of these statements can be conflicting for a child and emit fears when they go to bed, go to church, or see the doctor for a shot.

Support children and their grief by acknowledging their pain. The death of a pet can be an opportunity for a child to learn that adult caretakers can be relied upon to extend comfort and reassurance. It is an important opportunity to encourage a child to express his or her feelings.

1. Allow the child the opportunity to see the deceased pet and to say their final good-byes. Respecting the time that a child has spent with a deceased pet by letting them have time for a final good-bye will do wonders in the child’s grief journey.

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Three Reasons Spay & Neuter Prices Vary So Much

Kittens who need to be spayed can get cat insurance.
Two of the most common routine procedures performed on pets are spaying and neutering. The benefits of spaying of a female dog, called routine ovariohysterectomy, and neutering a male dog, castration, include population control, fewer incidents of certain types of cancers and fewer hormonally-driven behaviors.

Because spaying and neutering are such popular procedures, it tends to be one of the most shopped-for veterinary surgeries. Routine pet insurance can help cover the cost, but we often have people call and ask about our prices anyway. The fact that there are such varying prices between vet hospitals and clinics can be confusing. Why would Clinic A cost so much more than Clinic B? Here are some things to recognize when deciding where to take your new best friend for his or her first surgical procedure.

1. Basic Requirements for All Surgeries
Some things must be absolutely standard in every spay and neuter, regardless of the cost. It is unacceptable if the price is lower because one of these standards of care is omitted.

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