Top 5 Diseases You Can Catch from Your Dog

Top diseases you can catch from your dog.A disease that is transmissible from animal to human is known as a zoonotic disease. As a veterinarian, it is not only my responsibility to properly diagnose pets, but also to inform pet owners about potential diseases they can catch from their dogs. Below is some information about some of the more common zoonotic diseases that I have diagnosed in dogs.

If you suspect you and/or your pet have been exposed to any of the following, seek medical attention right away.

1) Toxocariasis: This disease is caused by a common parasite in animals, the roundworm. Anyone is susceptible to contracting this disease, but we find that children and people who accidentally eat dirt are at higher risk. Animals that have roundworms will shed the toxocara eggs in their feces, and when infected dirt is ingested with these eggs, people can contract the disease. In animals, toxocariasis can cause organ damage, respiratory disease and eye problems including visual deficiencies amongst other symptoms.

Toxocariasis can be prevented with good hygiene and a regular deworming program, set up by your veterinarian, for your pet. In humans, toxocariasis will generally resolve itself because the larvae can’t mature in a human host.Read More…

Four Tips for Treating Your Cat this Holiday Season

Top tips from a pet insurance company for training your dog.Halloween has come and gone, and that means the rest of the winter holidays will be here before we know it! And holidays aren’t just for humans. Many cats get excited about them, too, especially with all the wonderful aromas of roast turkey, baked ham, and other goodies. Cats will naturally want something special to eat, and many cat owners love to treat their cats to some of the same holiday specialties they indulge in. You don’t want to give kitties people food that might not be good for cat health, of course, but there are ways to safely share seasonal goodies with your cat.

1. Keep it Lean

As a general rule of thumb, what’s healthy for you is more likely to be healthy for your cat too. Avoid fat and stay away from candy. Cats have fewer sweet receptors on their tongues, so most of them don’t have a “sweet tooth” like dogs or people. Although we may like to gorge on KitKat bars and other candy on Halloween, they won’t look too tempting to most felines. Still, it’s important to know that chocolate, grapes and raisins can cause trouble for cats.Read More…

Five Training Mistakes to Avoid

Top tips from a pet insurance company for training your dog.The National Humane Society cites behavioral issues as the number one reason that dogs and cats are relinquished every year. Undoubtedly, a well-behaved dog will be a more accepted and productive member of the family. It’s best to start training pets as young as possible, but you CAN teach old dogs new tricks! Here are five common training mistakes to avoid.

1. Inconsistency
Nothing is more confusing to a pet than inconsistency. Why is being on the couch okay with dad, but not okay with mom? Everyone in the family needs to be on board with the rules to help enforce them. Start by having a family meeting when a new pet is introduced to the family, or when a new training regimen is started. Lay down the ground rules and ensure everyone is willing to enforce them.

2. Always rewarding with a treat
This seems counter-intuitive, but over-praising can actually have the opposite effect. Consider this human example: when we’re “rewarded” for a behavior every time, like the light turning on when we flip a light switch, we don’t keep trying to flip the switch when that reward doesn’t happen – i.e. the light bulb is burned out. Dogs who always get treats will stop doing the behavior you are asking for if the treat doesn’t present itself right away.

Read More…

Three Tips For Purchasing Pet Drugs Online

Look for this seal before purchasing from an online pet medication pharmacy. As the economy recovers, many people are still struggling to provide for both their human family members and their furry family members. Pet insurance can help cover costs associated with pet health needs, but some want to save even more by buying prescription pet medications online.

Indeed, a lot of pet pharmacies have been popping up online in recent years. These pharmacies provide a way to save money, but they can also contain hidden dangers that may put your pet’s life at risk. It’s important to become educated before choosing an online pet pharmacy. At first glance, online pet pharmacies seem like a good option, offering better pricing and home delivery. But as they say, buyer beware.Read More…

Understanding Grief and the Importance of Mourning

How to Be a Companion To a Grieving Heart Through Honoring the Story

Losing a pet can result in grief and mourning. Pet insurance may help make it more affordable to save your pet's life.As we take this journey together in understanding pet loss and the grief process, it’s important that we understand some of the basics of these emotions. We’ll cover topics from the definitions of grief and mourning to why pet loss is considered a “disenfranchised grief” for many suffering the loss of a beloved pet.


Grief is what we feel on the inside. It’s the intense feeling that sits within our heart, our stomach and our entire being that says we hurt from this loss. The loss can be death, divorce, a child moving away, illness, loss of a job or a variety of other things that represent someone no longer having something.Read More…

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