Raw Diet Pros and Cons

raw food diet pros and cons.At Pets Best Insurance we want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life. Part of a healthy dog and cat is finding the diet that is right for them. With so much discussion over raw diets versus non-raw diets, we asked the folks at All The Best Pet Care in Seattle, to give us their opinion on the pros and cons of raw diets. We are not promoting either side; rather we simply want to educate pet owners so they can make the best decision for their dog or cat.

Pros of raw diets:

1. Less processed ingredients

Can help build the immune system and provide a healthy skin and coat

2. Greatest preservation of naturally-occurring nutrients

Minimal processing preserves the molecular structure of the proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes.

3. Less stinky stools and less litter box odor

Pets that are fed a raw food diet consistently have smaller, firmer stools that those fed canned or dry food.

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3 Causes of Lumps on Paws

Puggle has a lump on his paw that pet insurance can help diagnose.Pets Best Insurance is about more than just pet insurance; they want your dogs and cats to live long, healthy lives. As a guest veterinarian blogger, I’m happy to help in that mission by answering pet health questions you have regarding your dogs and cats.

This question comes from Janet, posted on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page:

“My dog licks her paw all the time and now has this huge knot…what can I put on it to make it go away?”

While I can’t diagnose your pet via Facebook, I can tell you some conditions your pet may be experiencing. It’s extremely important she see her veterinarian in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Three Potential Causes of Lumps on Paws

1. Infections caused by foreign bodies

If there’s a large knot, sore or lump on your dog’s paw, this may be due to an infection caused by a foreign body. Cheat grass, plant material and thorns/stickers are common items I’ve found lodged in pet paws, and they all cause uncomfortable infections. Any foreign body is extremely agitating to animals and may cause abscesses in addition to lumps, which may appear knot-like. Typically, minor surgical removal is required, along with medication to help rid the body of the infection.Read More…

Pets Best Insurance Sets Record with Fast Claims Turnaround Time

Industry leader reimburses 70 percent of claims in one day, 92 percent within two days

Boise, Idaho – (January 17, 2012) Pets Best Insurance announced an astounding 70 percent of pet insurance claims are processed within one day, with 92 percent of claims taking only two days or less.  Additionally, 13 percent of claims are turned around in the same day (according to claims data from April to December of 2012).

Pet insurance is based on a reimbursement model—meaning pet owners pay veterinarians up front and then submit claims for reimbursement.

Dr. Jack Stephens, President and Founder of Pets Best Insurance.

“If a pet owner pays a veterinary bill on a credit card, it’s our goal to have the reimbursement arrive before the credit card statement shows up,” Dr. Jack Stephens, Founder and President of Pets Best Insurance said. “We want to alleviate the financial stress and burden as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Stephens, the veterinarian who founded the U.S. pet health insurance industry in the early 1980s and now presides over Boise, Idaho-based Pets Best Insurance as president and founder says his goal has always been to make pet insurance the best it can be.

“Turning around a large volume of claims so quickly is a major milestone. In December 2012, we had several days where we were down to a one hour turnaround time which is incredible. We are always striving to be the best and this is the level of excellence we shoot for,” Dr. Stephens said.Read More…

Common Cat Behavior Stumps Vets

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys, from the Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Boise, Idaho. I’m here today to answer a question that was posted on the Facebook page of Pets Best Insurance. Rema asks, “Why does my cat eat grass and anything that he thinks is grass when he’s outside? He won’t eat cat grass though.” I get this question a lot and honestly nobody, including us veterinarians, has a clear answer as to why cats like to eat grass.Read More…

Vote! My Vet’s the Best Winter 2012 Finalists

Our winter 2012 My Vet’s the Best finalists have been chosen! Read their stories and vote daily through February 11th and help decide who wins $1,000 to treat needy pets. The nominator will also win a $200 cash prize.

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

Pet insurance contest finalist Dr. Bushnell.

Dr. Georgia Maureen Bushnell of Homestead, FL


Dr. Cabell hopes to win My Vet's the Best.

Dr. Lori Cabell of Norristown, PA


Dr. Campbell is a pet health insurance contest finalist.

Dr. Helen Campbell of Florence, NJ


Dr. Hallstrom has been nominated as best vet.

Dr. Dave Hallstrom of Edina, MN


Dr. Matthews has been nominated as the best vet in 2012.

Dr. Nancy Matthews of Valley Center, CA


Dr. Steelman has been nominated as the best vet in 2012.

Dr. Linda Steelman of Las Vegas, NV

Four times per year, Pets Best Insurance awards $1,000 to a winning veterinarian to treat needy pets, and $200 cash prizes to the pet owners who shared their winning stories. Hundreds of vets are nominated each quarter, complete with heartwarming and sometimes harrowing stories, and thousands of votes are cast.

Make sure your voice is heard! Read about our winter 2012 finalists, then vote today and every day through February 11th, 2013. You can also nominate your vet in My Vet’s the Best 2013. You don’t need to be a Pets Best Insurance customer to participate, and you can read the Official Rules here.

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