Overweight Cat? 5 Tips for Cat Weight Loss

Indoor cats need extra initiative to exercise.

A 2011 study by Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found that over 50% of cats were either obese or overweight. It’s time to make a resolution for your tubby tabby.

Side Effects of Cat Obesity

Obesity has been associated with increased risk for serious medical conditions in cats.  Studies have shown that obese cats are five times more likely as cats of normal weight to develop lameness requiring veterinary care.  Excess weight puts stress on joints, muscles and ligaments, and can predispose cats to soft tissue injuries and osteoarthritis.  Obese cats are four times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus, are two times more likely to suffer non-allergic skin conditions such as dry, flaky skin and chin acne, and are at risk for a potentially life-threatening liver disease called hepatic lipidosis.  All of which also have a side effect to your wallet. Pet insurance can help cover medical issues with cats but to alleviate potential financial and emotional stress on yourself, it’s best to help your cat shed the pounds.

Factors that Affect ObesityRead More…

Planning Ahead for the Inevitable Pet Loss – Part 2

How to commemorate your pet.By Coleen Ellis, pet loss and grief expert, for Pets Best Insurance.

There are so many unique characteristics of our pets. If we could just capture these in a “bottle” and hold them forever, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

When you think about those unique personality quirks of your special pet(s), the question is “how can you sum up these characteristics in one sentence” so that you CAN capture this as a permanent memori­alization of the pet and what they brought to your life.

For many people, the use of personalization in memori­alization is the perfect way to truly remember their pet’s “dash.”  We talked about the dash in a previous blog,…it’s the time between the gotcha/birth date and the birth date. As the author of the poem puts it, it sums up an entire life.

Again, we talked about those various aspects that one might think of when they think of their pet’s dash, from their nicknames to those quirky little sayings that we have when we talk to our pets! All of these things are a wonderful way to record a wonderful reminder of the pet and these memories.Read More…

2 Reasons for Overweight Dogs and 2 Ways to Help

Overweight dogs may need more than exercise.

Your pet’s health is our top priority at Pets Best Insurance. To learn more about dog insurance and the affordable options we have for dogs and cats, visit www.petsbest.com.

Humans aren’t the only ones who pack on the pounds throughout the year. And sometimes despite your best intentions, your dog still can’t seem to slim down.

Julie, one of our Pets Best Insurance Facebook friends asked, “Why won’t my dog lose weight?”

Dr. Fiona, DVM, responded to Julie’s question for Pets Best Insurance. Dr. Fiona says, this is a very difficult question to answer without knowing how old your dog is, how overweight he or she is, what diet you are feeding, and what his or her lifestyle / activity level is like.  However, here are two reasons a dog may be overweight and two solutions to help.

In general, there are two reasons for an overweight dog:

1)      Underlying Health Problems

There are some underlying endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism that can contribute to weight gain in dogs. Once illnesses such as underactive thyroid have been ruled out by a veterinarian (usually a blood test is needed for this), it is a simple formula of calories consumed versus calories burned that is responsible for determining a dog’s weight.

2)      Calories In vs. Calories OutRead More…

Top Dog & Cat New Year Resolutions

Pets Best Insurance recently asked pet owners what their cats and dogs are resolving to do differently, and the answers were hilarious! Enjoy this infographic, then scroll down to find the code you need to share it on your blog.

Pets Best Insurance Dog and Cat New Year Resolutions 2013

Share this fun infographic on your blog! Simply copy/paste this code.

3 Odd Items Cats Eat and How to Help – Pets Best Insurance

cats eat ribbon and tinsel and plastic possibly requiring surgical removal.

Does your cat eat the Christmas tinsel and ribbon? Does your cat eat plastic?  Two of our Pets Best Insurance Facebook friends have these problems and based on the large amounts of claims we at Pets Best Insurance get for odd items cats ingest, we’re betting many of you do too.

Brian asked, “How can I get my cat to stop eating ribbon and tinsel without having to give up two of the best parts of the Christmas tree?”

Dr. Matheys, DVM, discusses this behavior:

Forfeit the ribbon and tinsel for the health and safety of your cat. Cats can’t seem to resist playing with the shiny, flowing strands hanging from the tree.  But if they ingest them, it can cause a life-threatening blockage in the intestinal tract, and surgery is usually required to remove the offending material. Read More…

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