When to Try Acupuncture

Pets can benefit from acupuncture regardless of whether they have pet insurance.
Holistic medicine – treating the whole body instead of just the injured or diseased portion – has been around for centuries. Whether or not it works continues to be a hotly debated topic in both human and veterinary medicine. Most veterinary clinicians agree, however, that holistic medicine can be helpful when paired with Western medicine in the treatment of inflammatory, neurological and painful conditions.

Acupuncture is one of the most well-known holistic treatments, even for cats and dogs, and some Pets Best Insurance plans include limited coverage for acupuncture treatment. Here’s what you need to know about acupuncture and whether it’s right for your pet.

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New Cancer Plan Under $10 Per Month

A Golden Retriever is happy to have cancer coverage in his pet insurance.

Dr. Jack Stephens is a veterinarian and president of Pets Best Insurance, a provider of pet insurance for dogs and cats

Pet cancer is the most expensive medical condition in pets. Just as with humans, cancer develops in many pets and is very costly to diagnose and treat. And while it can strike at any age, cancer is much more likely to develop in older pets.

Thirty years ago, it wasn’t common to treat cancer in pets. But little by little, pet owners began to choose treatment and see that their pets’ quality of life could be restored. Today, more pet owners choose to treat their pets when cancer strikes. Diagnosing and treating cancer is costly, but in many cases, treatment can cure cancer and certainly extend a pet’s life.

About Our New Cancer Plan
Accident and illness insurance plans offered by Pets Best insurance have always covered cancer. So why did we start offering a Cancer Only policy that covers any malignant cancer in pets?
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I Wish I Had Pet Insurance When…My Cat Got Stuck in the Garage Door

Pet insurance cat Thompson still loves hanging out in the garage.

About two years ago, our cat Thompson got into some trouble while we were at work. Like many cats, he loves hanging out in the garage, and sometimes he’d fall asleep on top of the door when it was open. One morning without us knowing, he got trapped between the garage door and frame.

When my husband got home, he noticed Thompson was stuck and quickly removed him from the door, but soon discovered he was paralyzed in his back legs. Because we didn’t have pet insurance and Thompson didn’t seem to be in pain, we didn’t rush him to the vet. Instead, we waited to see if he would recover on his own. Over the next few hours, we watched helplessly as our poor cat dragged his hind legs behind him.

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Pet Insurance Coverage: How Much is Enough?

Woman shops for pet insurance with her cat nearby.

When Cassie, a 7 year old Labrador Retriever, became lethargic and was unable to keep food down, she was rushed to the emergency room and underwent an enormous amount of tests to determine that she had a possible gastric ulceration. Cassie’s condition was extremely critical – she lost large amounts of blood and didn’t respond to immediate treatments. Facing a risky surgery, the owner was told that Cassie’s may not survive. During this time, the Dr. also discussed the option of euthanasia, but Cassie’s owner decided to go ahead with the surgery because she was a Pets Best Insurance customer. Cassie underwent surgery on the 28th of July to remove the gastric ulceration and required multiple blood transfusions in the process. She was very weak and required nearly constant care over the next five days, plus more tests, monitoring and additional blood transfusions, but she eventually healed enough to stand and walk on her own.

Due to the complexity of the operation and the constant care Cassie received during her treatment, the vet bill totaled more than $18,000. Cassie’s dog insurance policy was limited to a maximum of $7,000 after meeting the deductible, which Pets Best Insurance reimbursed her owners. Unfortunately, they were still left with more than $11,000 in vet bills.

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Seven Warning Signs in Senior Pets

No cat is too old for cat insurance from Pets Best Insurance!

It’s always important to bring your pets to the veterinarian annually to be examined, and even more important for senior pets. But when should you consider making that appointment a little earlier? Being able to recognize the clinical signs of common diseases seen in elderly pets will help them get the treatment they need and improve their chances of recovery.

Always consider pet health insurance before your pets are seniors and start having problems, so they can get the treatment they need. Pets Best insurance has no upper age limits for senior pets so they can be insured at any time! Here are the top 7 clinical signs to look for at home in your aging pets, and what diseases they may be associated with:

1. Increased thirst, with or without increased urination.
This should always be accompanied by a trip to the veterinarian’s office. There are many diseases that can cause this. Some are simple and easy to treat, such as a urinary tract infection, others are more complicated and serious, such as kidney disease or diabetes. Your veterinarian will want to run a urinalysis and potentially a blood panel to determine the underlying cause.

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