Bizarre Dog Skin Allergy Baffles Blue Pit Owner

Dr. Marc, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine blogs for dog insurance provider, Pets Best.

Hi. My name is Dr. Marc, and I’m filming for Pets Best Insurance, answering some Facebook questions for you guys at Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Boise, Idaho. This question comes from Lucy. She says her “friend’s beautiful blue pit bull has had a horrible rash on and off for months.  It’s blistery and the pet feels miserable. They’ve tried medications, steroid, changing food, detergents, et cetera, et cetera with no luck. They can’t afford the very expensive allergy testing to pinpoint exactly what the problem might be. The vet seems to think it’s an allergy. What else can they do? Any ideas on how they can pinpoint or control it?” Read More…

Idaho Lab Saves Yorkie from Hawk

Yellow Labrador retriever saves Yorkshire terrier from hawk.A yellow Labrador retriever named Dakota has been credited with saving the life of his Yorkie buddy, Cory, in Idaho this week.

According to pet owner Steve Groves, Dakota ran into an area where he spotted a hawk flying overhead on Tuesday morning, He realized Cory was nowhere to be found on his 10-acre property, and seconds later, the hawk flew away and both dogs returned home.

Cory, the Yorkshire terrier, had cuts on both sides of his body, indicating a large bird had swooped down to try and make a meal of him. He received immediate veterinary care and stitches to stop the bleeding.Read More…

It’s National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Pets Best is a provider of pet insurance for dogs and cats.

At Pets Best Insurance, our employees and customers LOVE their shelter dogs and cats! Nearly 47% of Pets Best customers adopted or rescued their pet.

Here are some true tales of adoption from our own Pets Best employees:

Simon, the Boston Terrier (below) was adopted in March 2004 by Pets Best employee Kate. Simon is absolutely addicted to tennis balls!
pet insurance founder adopted shelter dog, Tag

Attie (below) was adopted by Pets Best employee Chris. Attie loves long walks and park time!

adopted dog AttieRead More…

3 Ways to Reduce Cat Hairballs

A cat with cat insurance gets brushed by his owner.Dr. Jane Matheys is a veterinarian guest blogger for the highly rated pet insurance provider, Pets Best.

Nothing can be done to totally prevent hairballs in cats, but there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood your cat will have hairballs or reduce their frequency.

1. Regular Cat Grooming

The more fur you remove from the coat, the less fur that ends up in the stomach. Comb or brush your cat on a daily basis. I like to use a slicker brush or a fine-toothed comb such as a flea comb. Make sure that your grooming tool is removing the dead fur underneath the coat and not just glossing over the surface. If your long-haired cat won’t allow brushing, consider taking her to a professional groomer for a “lion-cut” once or twice a year.

2. Special Diet

You can try feeding your cat a specialized “hairball formula” cat food. These high-fiber formulas are designed to improve the health of your cat’s coat, minimize the amount of shedding, and encourage hairballs to pass through the digestive system.Read More…

3 Reasons Dog Eyes Water

Veterinarian Dr. Fiona discusses your dog health questions for the highly rated pet insurance provider, Pets Best.

Hi. I’m Dr. Fiona Caldwell; I’m a veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital. Today, I’m answering some questions from Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. This question comes from Joey, who asks: Why does my dog’s eyes water constantly? It looks like she’s crying, but she’s never in any discomfort.

This could be due to potentially a variety of different problems. If it’s something that he or she’s always done, it’s probably not a big deal. If it’s a new thing, if it’s one-sided, if it’s accompanied by redness, squinting, or more of a thick green discharge; those can potentially be for more serious problems.Read More…

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