The Positive Benefits of Pets

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that pets offer positive physical benefits?

Some Positive Benefits of Pets:

  • reduce stress hormone-cortisol
  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce feelings of depression
  • provide companionship
  • entertaining
  • increase feel good hormones in our blood stream

Preventing Separation Anxiety in Adopted Dogs

Hopefully, the dog you adopt had periodic separation from its mother. Puppies raised with their mothers’ constant attention and in close confinement, such as in puppy mills, tend to retard the puppies ability to cope with separation later in life.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Hyper-excited greetings
Following owner from room to room constantly
Checking in frequently with owner
Seeking physical contact constantly
Acting sad when owner is leaving

-Do not greet until the dog sits, then give calm and loving greetings – not excited ones
-Do not reinforce constant following
-Do not say good-bye to the dog when leaving, make leaving a non-emotional experience
-Feed treats inside a toy as a positive distraction when departing

The Lap of Luxury: Santa’s Ultimate Pet Gifts

Posted by Pets Best on 12/16/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

You might not believe it, but Ralph Lauren wants to take care of your dog. It’s true! He has actually designed a whole line of clothing for pups, guaranteed to keep the well-bred canine comfortable and fashionably well-dressed. And he’s not the only one catering to the four-legged set—these days, a host of designers and high-end retail stores offer luxury items for those cats and dogs who appreciate the finer things in life. Here are some of the gifts that you’ll find on the Christmas wish lists of America’s most pampered pets.

The Ralph Lauren Pup Collection includes a smart-yet-cozy Cashmere Ruffle Dog Sweater priced at $195. The collection also features Lauren’s classic Polo shirt, especially tailored for dogs, as well as rugby shirts, hoodies, and coats; prices range from $32 up to $225.

Nordstrom’s offers an extensive line of pet accessories by the youthful, edgy Juicy Couture label. For dogs, the line includes plush chew toys, feeding bowls, high-fashion collar-and-lead sets and more. Prices for these run from $25 to $75. And for the trendy pet on the go, whether canine or feline, the Juicy Couture Velour Pet Carrier is available for $295.

Harrods in London carries a line of luxury canine grooming products called Sexy Beast; the line includes a signature eau de parfum, specifically formulated for dogs. It is described as “a unisex blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils.” A 3.4-ounce bottle costs about £83 (or $123 American), and custom engraving is available.

A monogrammed, velvet-textured back seat car cover by Eddie Bauer keeps pets comfortable while protecting seats from mud, dirt and pet hair, at a price of $105.50. Other monogrammable items from Eddie Bauer include dog beds and collars that feature the designer’s rugged, outdoorsy style.

From Neiman-Marcus comes the Fleur-de-Lis Pet Day Bed , featuring the elegant look of hand-crafted wrought-iron, with a price tag of $200. A matching feeding station is available for only $100.

Perhaps the ultimate in luxury (and expense) is found in Louis Vuitton’s Sac Baxter GM , one of several pet carriers by the legendary bag maker. It can hold a pet of 44 pounds and features their signature “LV” monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim. At a cost of $1,610, it tops our list of indulgent gifts.

But what do you get for the pet who already has everything? How about a nice vacation? Soon taking reservations to cities across the country, Pet Airways will let your best friend travel in style and comfort. Though the company has not yet posted prices for individual flights, they say that prices will start as low as $150.

Or how about the sheer luxury of a spa day? Your pet may enjoy a day of pampering as much as you would. These days, many doggy daycares offer services including grooming, professional massage, spas, and more. Check the Yellow Pages or the Internet for a good daycare/day spa for pets near you.


The 3 Most Popular (and Affordable) Pet Gifts

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more frugal this Christmas, has a few great suggestions. Their Mud Magnet Gloves , for example, are made from super-absorbent microfiber to make quick work of wiping muddy, dirty paws and cost just $19 a pair. Or how about the Holiday Hounds Collar , a rugged webbed-nylon dog collar with a choice of fun holiday-themed patterns for $19 each? Then again, there’s the Puppermint Chew —made of peppermint-infused rubber, this tasty toy will freshen the breath of the most active chewers. And at $12 apiece, you can afford to buy one for every dog on your list.

Santa Paws: Christmas for pets

By: Dr. Jack Stephens

Feliz Navidog! It’s Torrey, writing to you from sunny Mexico. I’m spending a few days here, recharging my batteries before heading home to Idaho for Christmas. I need to be home, after all, when Santa Paws comes down the chimney dragging a sack full of presents for me with his teeth. Every year, I try to stay awake so I can see him but I always seem to fall asleep before he shows up. (Well, a girl does need her beauty rest, after all!)

Some of my friends, believe it or not, have tried to tell me that there is no Santa Paws at all, that he’s just made up. That’s simply ridiculous. I mean, how else could you explain the new chew toys, the soft fuzzy blankets, the boxes of treats and everything else I find under the tree each Christmas morning? And who eats those dog biscuits I always set out on a plate by the fireplace?

Now Santa, if you’re reading this, you know I’ve been extra good this year. Well, pretty good, anyway. I have tried not to bark so much at the office (I only bark when there is a very good reason) and have reduced my howling by as much as 50%. And I always work hard to keep my Dad happy. It hasn’t been easy, Santa, but I knew it would be worth it come Christmas morning.

As you know, Santa, I’m a simple dog with simple tastes. I’m easy to please. I don’t want to burden you with a long list of items, and after all, I already have everything a girl could want, so why not make it easy on yourself this year? Just bring me a simple diamond-studded collar. And if it’s not too much trouble, you might throw in a nice cashmere cardigan, size extra-small. Those Idaho nights do get mighty chilly, after all. You see? I’m quite easy to shop for.

Most of all, though, what I want is for my fellow dogs and cats, the homeless ones who have to spend the holidays in animal shelters, to find warm, loving homes. Santa, please tell everyone who has room in their house (and love to give) to think about adopting a shelter pet. My mom and dad do this, and even though I have to reestablish myself as top dog with each new pet, I do feel good about helping others. If they don’t have the room for a new pet, they should at least donate food or toys to their local shelters this Christmas; it would be best to call the shelter and ask what their biggest needs are.

And to all the rest of my friends out there, all of us at Pets Best would like to wish you health and happiness in the coming year. Try to stay warm and most of all, be good! After all, Santa Paws is watching you…

Merry Christmas!


Pet Airways: Ready to EmBARK?

Posted by Jennifer Jones on 12/10/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Pet Airways, the first pets-only airline specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of animals is scheduled to begin flights in Spring-Summer 2009 to major destinations throughout the continental U.S. Pet Airways will begin taking reservations in February, 2009. What sets Pet Airways apart from major airlines is that pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo. “Our pets will travel in the main cabin of our specially outfitted aircraft with climate and lighting controlled for comfort and safety and with a trained Pet Attendant always watching over the pets,” the company says.

The airline will offer nationwide coverage with easily accessible check-in lounges in major metropolitan areas. Because people who want to travel with their pets and those who need to move their pets across the country are faced with limited or dangerous transportation choices, Pet Airways aims to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Visit Pet Airways to learn more about how pet travel will be revolutionized at

Learn about the new exclusive partnership between Pets Best and Pet Airways!

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