Certain mushrooms could be detrimental to dog health

It may be a good idea to watch what your dog eats while outsideEven for dogs in perfect health, eating death cap mushrooms could lead to an early demise, which is why owners should take extra precaution in looking for the dangerous fungus around their yard.

Death cap mushrooms, or amanita phalloides, could result in liver failure or even death for dogs, according to SNDailyJournal.com. Scott Delucchi of the Peninsula Humane Society told the news source that it might be a good idea for dog owners to pay close attention to their canine friends when they’re outside, especially when they’re off the leash, as they could ingest something that could be detrimental to dog health.

Phyllis McArthur told the news provider that her dog Maggie was healthy and happy until she ingested the deadly fungus.

"The symptoms are devastating," McArthur told the news provider. "There isn’t enough money in the world to save your pet once the symptoms are apparent. In two days we had already accrued $3,000 in vet bills. We would have continued to pay more if we thought we could save her. Sadly she never had a chance."

Petplace.com suggests that owners should look for symptoms such as vomiting, seizures and excessive salvation, as they could be signs of mushroom poisoning.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19524577-ADNFCR

Chihuahua overcomes illness and goes on to be named Cutest Dog

Many view Chihuahuas as cute petsDr Papidies, a nine pound Chihuahua, was proclaimed top dog of the Cutest Dog Competition that resulted in a $1 million prize. The prize will be distributed over the next 30 years to Dr Papidies and his owner, Leslie Capin, a dermatologist, according to USA Today.

Capin announced that they plan to give the money to two local Denver animal shelters, as a tribute to the hard life the Chihuahua had suffered before claiming the coveted title.

Dr Papidies was introduced to Capin when he was purchased by a friend of hers at a local mall pet store and suddenly fell ill. Capin, who had experiences with rescuing horses and a deaf and blind dog, knew that Papidies was not in good dog health.

According to the news source, the puppy suffered from severe dehydration and had conjunctivitis, chest congestion and a bacterial infection- a result of growing up in a puppy mill. Capin eventually took over as owner of the dog from her friend and nursed it back to health.

Now in perfect dog health, Dr Papidies explores Capin’s office wearing a miniature lab coat, which prompted coworkers to suggest entering the contest. Now a winner, Dr Papidies is preventing a similar health scare from happening to other dogs by sharing his prize money.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19524579-ADNFCR

Authorities rescue 100 dogs from facility

Rescuers retrieved 100 sled dogs that were being neglectedOperators at a sled dog facility in Colorado could be facing animal cruelty charges after the Park County Sheriff’s Office rescued approximately 100 dogs that were starved and neglected.

Unfortunately eight dogs didn’t make it and were found dead at the site, according to 9News.com. Dog health is the main concern when examining the rescued animals. State veterinarian Keith Roehr feels that most of the dogs will make a full recovery, but others are in worse condition.

About 30 dogs were immediately taken to treatment facilities in the Colorado area to receive medical attention, the remaining 70 will be placed in other areas around the state.

Roehr noted that despite the dogs’ poor condition, rescuers did find food on the premises, leading authorities to wonder why the operators let the dogs’ health deteriorate so drastically.

"There was dog food, a good amount of dog food on the premise, so [we’re] not exactly sure why that food wasn’t being distributed in a manner that would allow these dogs to maintain their weight," Roehr said.

Authorities are still looking into a time span of the abuses.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19521908-ADNFCR

Holiday gift ideas for pets

Some feel pets shouldn't be left out of holiday celebrationsJust because it’s usually the children who write the Christmas lists doesn’t mean Santa forgets about well-behaved pets over the holidays.

Some pet owners tend to incorporate their furry friends into the holidays by giving them little presents and treats, according to the South Town Star. While it depends on the owner, dogs and cats are usually the most common gift receivers.

Pet present ideas can range to anything from a fun toy to something that relates to pet care, such as brushes or treats that help with their teeth.

Presents that focus on dental care could be a great gift idea for animals. According to veterinarian Lorraine Corriveau, eighty percent of dogs and cats need better dental care.

Perhaps one of the trendiest pet ideas is the new Snuggie for pets, an animal-friendly version of the popular human blanket-jacket hybrid.

Karen Krasowski, co-owner of I’ll Be Doggone in Mokena, Illinois, told the South Town Star that people weren’t just gifting their own pets.

"A lot of people came in for toys and bakery treats and collars and leashes," Krasowski said. "Some also bought hostess gifts for pet owners on their lists."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19519626-ADNFCR

Hallmark movie inspires foster pets trend for the holidays

Fostering a dog could lead to a permanent new friendFor those who are looking to spread some extra cheer this holiday season, why not consider taking in a shelter animal for the holidays?

USA Today reports that the Hallmark Channel’s movie A Dog Called Christmas has helped inspire people to act as foster families to animals for the holidays. Since the movie premiered over the Thanksgiving weekend, some shelters have been receiving a surge of requests for adopted pets over the holiday season.

"We’ve always had a great foster program,” Susanne Kogut of the Charlottesville – Albemarle SPCA, told the news provider. "But after people saw the movie, we got over 30 requests."

Kogut also revealed that some people end up growing so attached to the animals during their short stay, they worry about the pet’s health and future and end up adopting their once-temporary companion.

Fostering a pet could be in anyone’s reach, according to Citizentelegram.com. A total of 13,000 pet rescue organizations across the country are promoting the Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays program.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19519629-ADNFCR

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