Report reveals dognapping is on the rise

Owners should avoid leaving their pets in their carsAn alarming trend that pet owners should be concerned about, dog napping has become more frequent over the past two years.

Lisa Peterson, director of communications for the American Kennel Club, told Good Morning America that the organization has been tracking pet theft cases for the past two years, noting that there has been a 30 percent increase of stolen pets in the last year alone.

Experts feel that owners should take extra precautions in their pet care, such as keeping their dogs inside while they run daily errands, as many perpetrators can easily open a car door or fence.

Sometimes, dogs are not even safe in the comfort of their own home. When Keith Alioto returned to his home the Wednesday before Christmas, he noticed that his house had been robbed and the family’s beloved puppy Max was taken along with Christmas presents, according to

"We are all very upset and want him back. We will offer a reward for his return," Alioto told the news provider.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19532950-ADNFCR

Rapper Sean Kingston asks owners not to chain their dogs

Experts believe that letting a dog be free keeps them happierSean Kingston is well known for his musical endeavors, but many people may not realize that he is also a dog lover who stresses the importance of proper pet care.

Kingston is the face of the new Peta2 campaign that asks owners not to chain their dogs as it often leads to neglect.

The rapper believes that dogs should be treated like any other family member rather than a burglar alarm, using the motto "Chill with your dogs- don’t chain them," according to

"Look at it like being a human person," Kingston explains in the video. "Your family member is outside…and that’s how they should look at it."

Kingston also uses the ad to profess his love for his new furry companion, Sunshine, who often accompanies him to the studio.

Chaining your dogs may cause them to become hostile, according to Animal advocates suggest that treating a dog more compassionately could lead to a friendly animal and may prevent dogs from becoming overly aggressive.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19532943-ADNFCR

Boy supplies food for pet owners in need

For some individuals, the price of dog food may be too costlyBecause of the slumping economy, several shelters are becoming overcrowded with pets that are turned in because their owners can’t afford their upkeep anymore. One 9-year-old boy took note of this and is doing what he can to make sure owners can give their animals quality pet care.

Zach Wilson started the Central Florida Animal Pantry with his mother when he noticed the abundance of abandoned animals in local shelters.

"I said ‘Mom,’ we gotta feed the dogs," Wilson told NBC Nightly News. "She said ‘our dog is fed,’ and I said, ‘no, Mom, all the dogs."

Wilson started a food drive in his school to start the effort, promising a pizza party for the class who brought in the most. The drive led to 1,000 pounds of food that went to people who couldn’t afford to feed their pets.

The news source reports that because the pet food bank is the only one of its kind in the state, it has garnered a huge response. The news source reports that on a given week, the pantry can give away up to 1,800 pounds of food.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19531110-ADNFCR

Woman tends to cat injured by gunshot

You should keep a close eye on your cat when it's outside incase it falls victim to injuryWhen a stray cat began visiting the home of Dodie Harper of Clinton, Tennessee, she began feeding it and trying to befriend the animal.

One day when she was petting the feline, Harper noticed blood on her hand and a bullet hole behind the cat’s left front leg, according to

Little Bit, as the cat was later named, had suffered injuries from the bullet that ended up lodged in the left side of her nose, according to the news provider. The cat was in need of serious medical attention and the animal hospital was uneasy about the cat’s chances of survival.

A medical team performed a delicate surgery to remove the bullet from the cat, which was discharged to the care of Harper the following day. The veterinarian called her survival "a truly amazing story."

For general pet care, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your animals if you live in a wooded area in which hunting is common. has listed several stories of family pets innocently caught in the line of fire.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19531105-ADNFCR

Michael Vick’s former fighting pit bull now a therapy dog

Vick was using pit bulls in dog fighting ringsWhat started as a horrific story that captured the nation in 2007 has finally turned into a message of healing. After football star Michael Vick was indicted for his part in a dog fighting organization, many were left wondering what happened to the dogs rescued from the operation.

Today, Hector, one of Vick’s former fighting dogs, is at peace and in good dog health with a new family. The pit bull is now a licensed therapy dog, spending his time at nursing homes, schools and hospitals, according to

Clara Yori, Hector’s new owner, tells the news provider that more people are sympathetic to the pit bull after hearing about his past.

"I always thought that people might back away when I tell them what he is or what he comes from," Clara says. "But it’s been the opposite. They see the dogs as victims, and they feel sorry for him."

According to CNN, the investigation on Vick began in April 2007, when authorities found 54 pit bulls on the football player’s property. The football star received a 23-month sentence for his part in the illegal operation.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19531102-ADNFCR

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