Would Your Cat Win Best in Show?

A cat cartoon made from fun Pets Best Insurance customer data.

Pet insurance agency Pets Best Insurance dove into some fun customer pet data, created a comical feline cartoon, and is excited to share the amusing infographic poster with cat owners everywhere!

Aside from offering comprehensive pet insurance plans, Pets Best Insurance has always created entertaining, as well as helpful pet health content for pet owners! The infographic, called “Best in Show” reveals everything from the most popular insured cat breeds to some of the trendiest kitty names and even the “best dressed,” “biggest celebrity” and “most macho!”

There are seven separate categories (cat-egories?) and it’s perfect for sharing on pet blogs, websites or with your feline-loving friends! It will be fun for cat owners to see if their kitties would be up for an award based on the “Best in Show” categories!

The Pets Best Insurance Cat Best In Show Awards

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Top Nine Pet Myths Debunked!

A small puppy with dog insurance chews on a bone.

We all want our pets to be as healthy as possible. Many families view their animals as part of the family. In the age of information, more and more pet care tips are at our fingertips, but sometimes well-meaning advice can be misguided, or even flat-out false. Here are the top nine veterinary myths I’ve heard from my clients:

1. Pets are Very Affordable
Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility, not only in terms of time and commitment, but financially as well. Estimates for the annual cost of pet care can range widely from lower estimates around $800 per year, to thousands. And that’s for a healthy pet. Veterinary care can be very costly. Even routine care, such as annual exams and vaccines can sometimes be difficult for pet owners to afford. This is why I am a huge advocate of pet insurance. Pet owners should consider cat and dog insuranceas a way to ensure their pets receive the medical attention it needs in the case of an unforeseen illness or accident. Having pet health insurance may help the pet owner provide the best care to their pet, without having to worry about financial strain.

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Knock Knock, Doggie Door Manners

A dog with pet health insurance jumps in the air.

Arriving at my friend’s house, I prepared myself in anticipation of her 80 pound Chocolate Labrador Retriever waiting to greet me at the door. I knew Harley was inside because as I got out of my car I heard his enthusiastic barking and jumping at the door.

Harley loves visitors, but he truly needs to tone down his adolescent enthusiasm. When my friend opened the door, Harley bounded out to greet me, jumped up and grabbed my jacket sleeve. Being prepared for this boisterous guy, I grabbed a tennis ball out of my pocket and tossed it towards the porch. Harley released my arm and ran after the ball.

Once inside, my friend admitted to me that Harley was out of control when visitors arrived. She said while it was cute when he was a puppy, now that he’s full grown his behavior is no longer endearing. Her family was coming in town for a visit and she was concerned that Harley would hurt her elderly grandparents. Harley’s crazy greeting behavior needed to change.

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How To: Six Part Grooming

A puppy with dog insurance plays dries off after a bath.

We all want our pets to look and smell their best.’Grooming’ should involve more than just hair coat maintenance and all breeds, including cats, can benefit from it. Regular grooming, especially teeth brushing, is important for overall health. Most grooming routines can be done at home with a little know-how, practice and patience. How often grooming is necessary can be variable depending on your pet’s breed and lifestyle. For example, most cats don’t require regular bathing at all, but some dogs can require weekly bathing to stay odor free. Here are some tips for keeping your pet’s appearance in tip-top shape:

1. Pearly Whites
This is probably the trickiest part of a regular grooming routine. Many pets don’t care for it, and brushing can take time and patience. When just starting out, keep it fun and short. Allow your pet to sniff and chew on the toothbrush and taste the toothpaste. Use lots of praise and rewards. Gradually lengthen the time you spend actually brushing as your pet gets used to it. Always use a dog or cat formulated toothpaste, as our toothpaste is toxic to pets.

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Why String and Cats Don’t Mix

A cat with cat insurance plays with string.

I saw a case last week that served as a strong reminder of how rambunctious and mischievous kittens can be, and therefore, how important cat insurance really is. Kittens get into everything, and they can quickly get themselves into trouble if you don’t kitten-proof your home. Like the old adage says, curiosity can kill a cat, or at least make her very sick!

A cute little 5-month-old female kitten named Pearl presented to me because she had been vomiting for a week. She had been seen at another veterinary clinic five days earlier for vaccinations, but unfortunately the vomiting was not thoroughly addressed by the doctor.

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