What Veterinarians Won’t Tell You About Their Job

A veterinarian with a secret.

Veterinary medicine involves lots of sloppy warm kisses and friendly tail wags on a daily basis. And overall, it’s a very rewarding profession. But not every day is all puppies, kittens, healthy pets and treatable diseases. As a veterinarian, I often see frustrating, sad and even gross things. Recently I posted a blog discussing surprising things your veterinarian loves. Here is my list of the top six least favorite appointments or procedures we see:

1. Neglect
The top of my least-favorite list is any appointment or disease that stems from neglect or was preventable. Unfortunately this happens! It’s often hard for animal lovers and pet insurance enthusiasts to imagine that someone wouldn’t treat their pet like one of the family. But it does happen. Often the neglect isn’t malicious or intentional, but stems from lack of knowledge. For example, injuries sustained after leaping out of the back of trucks, which could have been prevented by tethering or securing the dog correctly (or not putting the pet in the back of a vehicle at all.) Other diseases of neglect could include sunburn from being outside too long, skin issues stemming from poor grooming habits or excessively long toe nails. Even periodontal disease that has been left too long can cause the pet pain and discomfort.

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Coughing Pet? It Could Be Deadly

A dog with pet health insurance is held by a veterinarian.

Everybody knows how annoying it is when you have a cough, especially one that seems to linger on and on. But what about when your pet coughs– in some cases it seems that they are literally going to hack up a lung. In no particular order, here are 7 of the most common reasons that your pet may be coughing– and some can be quite serious.

1) Kennel Cough
This highly contagious and common illness usually results in a dry, honking cough. The cough itself can last for weeks, especially untreated. Kennel cough increases the chances for developing pneumonia, which can be a very serious condition. Most dogs with kennel cough will act normally, but frequently have uncontrollable non-productive coughing spells.

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The Surprising Surgery Your Vet Loves to Perform

A cat with pet health insurance waits is held by a veterinarian.

Many animal-loving children dream of becoming veterinarians when they grow up. Helping and healing animals seems like the ideal career, and in fact, being a veterinarian is very rewarding. However, not all of the procedures we do are fun and games. Some can be heart wrenching, frustrating or even just plain gross. While these are my opinions alone, I thought I would share five of my favorite veterinary appointments and procedures; keep an eye out for my top five least favorite coming soon!

1. New Puppy and Kitten Exams
Of course, every doctor is different in terms of the things they love to treat, but unanimously every veterinarian loves taking on new puppy and kitten clients. During these routine pet care exams, it’s also a fun time to talk with you, the client, because you are usually excited and invested in your new pet’s care at this time. Sharing helpful healthcare tips, such as considering pet insurance for your new family addition, can help a family start out on the right foot for a long and healthy life. The puppy kisses and kitten purring doesn’t hurt either!

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How to Find a Vet Your Pet Loves

A dog with pet health insurance is checked by a veterinarian.

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new area or maybe you’re just not satisfied with the current level of veterinary care you’re receiving. Either way, finding a new vet can be a challenging undertaking if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Choosing a veterinarian definitely takes more than just picking a highly credentialed doctor. Even the smartest vet still needs proper equipment, the ability to communicate, and good staff before he or she is the best vet… But how as a consumer can you recognize these differences? Here are some helpful tips to aide you when selecting the best veterinarian for you and your companion animals.

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Top Ten Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet

A dog with pet health insurance waits to be adopted.

Pets add a lot to any family, but did you know that there are millions of animals just waiting for homes in shelters and rescues? Here are the top 10 reasons to choose your next pet from an animal shelter or rescue group!

1. You are saving a life!
Sixty-four percent of animals that enter shelters don’t find homes and sadly, they are euthanized. Choosing to adopt from a shelter means that you are literally saving a life.

2. Save your carpets!
Many of the pets waiting in shelters and rescue groups are already housebroken.

3. You can find a purebred!
There are many in shelters and there are even breed specific rescue groups, although mutts make great pets too!

4. You won’t be supporting puppy mills.
Unfortunately, there are people who put the business of selling puppies above the health and welfare of the animals. Choosing to adopt helps keep money out of the puppy mill owners pockets.

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