Is your dog in pain?

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When dogs go gray around the muzzle and start slowing down, it’s easy to brush off a lot of things and attribute them to the aging process. But did you ever stop to wonder whether these senior dogs are uncomfortable, or even feeling pain? I’m sure no one wants to think, especially after providing top-notch dog health care his entire life, that he might be in pain every day.

One of the great things about dog health insurance is that pet owners who have it are more likely to take their dog in for annual or bi-annual check-ups.

These owners know that almost anything that is found will be covered, which makes each visit less intimidating. And the wonderful thing about these vet visits is that tests and x-rays can tell us things about pet health that our dogs can’t.

Arthritis is often spotted in x-rays. When the vet tells you your dog is likely in pain due aching joints, hip dysplasia, or a fused spine, then you might realize why he’s been climbing the stairs less often or has been reluctant to go outside in the morning. Your vet might prescribe a pain killer like Rimadyl®, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) made specifically for dogs.

According to the Rimadyl® website, one in five dogs are diagnosed with arthritis, and there is no cure outside of joint replacement. A dog that is suffering from arthritis will be less active and could gain weight, either of which may only worsen arthritis.

When common ailments like arthritis keep your dog from living comfortably and happily, the best pet insurance can help you pay for medications that could make a big difference.


  • Karla Pineda

    I currently have Pets Best insurance, and i’ve had it for several years now. And I wanted to know if the insurance covers Rimadyl?


  • hrush

    Hi Karla,

    Thanks for your comment. Pets Best Insurance does cover Rimadyl for covered conditions.

    Thank you,

    Pets Best Insurance

  • Gary

    I know at work (small veterinarian) we constantly advise people get VPI and I am fighting constantly trying to get Pets Best Insurance as our go-to for pet insurance! They cover so much more and are twice the company. Started by one of the two people that started VPI, Pets Best Insurance has far exceeded the care they ensure pets get. Thanks for the write up, I am happy to see that others think so as well.

    • hrush

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear you’re recommending your clients to Pets Best Insurance!


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