Is Almond Milk Safe for Cats?

Dr. Jane Matheys is a veterinarian and guest blogger for pet health insurance provider, Pets Best Insurance.

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys from The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Boise, Idaho. Today I’ll be answering some questions about general cat health from questions that were posted on Pets Best Insurance Facebook page.

The first one is from Chryssa. She says: “My cats are conditioned to come running for milk when they hear me eating cereal. I recently switched to almond milk, and I’m wondering if I can still let them lick the bowl when I’m done.”

First of all, let me just talk about milk products in general for kitty cats. To digest any of the dairy products, kitties need lactase enzyme, and they don’t make as much of this enzyme as people do. It can upset the kitty’s tummy and especially give them some diarrhea.

Now, some kitties do have a small amount of the lactase enzyme, so they can have a small amount of milk or other dairy products and be perfectly fine. As far as the almond milk, the almond nut itself is not toxic for kitties. But that being said, just in general, even though it’s still a milk-type product, there are some kitties that could still get gastrointestinal upset from it. So the same reasoning applies. If your kitty does not get a tummy upset from the almond milk, it’s okay to let your cat take a few licks now and again.

If you have any other questions, please post them in the comments section below, and I’d be happy to answer them, or you can visit the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. See you next time.

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  • Sue

    Is carob safe for cats?

  • sherry

    My cat peeka has crystals and will not drink what can I do to get him to drink water he is eating good please help asap. He has been to vet already

    • Toby's Mom

      I had a similar issue with my cat. He had a huge bladder stone. To get him to drink more I take tablespoon or 2 of wet cat food and add water to it. How much water you add depends on your feline friend! Initially I added only a tablespoon, but now I can add 3-4 tablespoons of water. Good luck!

  • G Laswell

    Almond milk is not a milk product. It is completely dairy free

  • Jacob C

    How can it upset the gastrointestinal tract since the kitty isn’t digesting lactose, when there is no lactose in almond milk? Please add to this answer.

  • Lainey

    Well almonds are high in calories and many commercial almond milks have added sugars which are not readily digestible for cats or small animals, so like the article says, it’s not toxic, but definitely shouldn’t be a dietary norm for cats.

  • zulmi

    mycat(14 human yrs), has just been dx with fluid in her lungs poss due to CHF. she is on Lasix. She refuses to eat anything, even foods that she loved. I have unsweetened almond milk. i just want to get some calories in her. She is losing wt rapidly. I think its too much effort for her to eat. would it hurt her to some of this unsweetened almond milk due to her circumstances. If not what liquid substitute can I give her. Thxs

    • Ali Farber

      Hi Zulmi, thanks for reaching out. This sounds like a situation that might be best handled by a vet. We have veterinarians who we work with, but they are not staff members who are able to diagnose pets. Your vet, or another local vet, can help you determine the best of course of action to help your cat. We hope your she gets better soon!

  • anon

    …unsweetened almond milk has no added sugars, and is a completely dairy free product.


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