Firefighters bring cat back from death

The gray and black cat was able to be rescuedFirefighters in Syracuse, New York, recently risked their lives to save a feline that was trapped in a burning building.

A two-family, two-story apartment building was filled with smoke when firefighters arrived on the scene, according to The firefighters were quickly able to assess the problem and get the fire under control.

"They forced their way in, quickly located the fire and kept it from spreading," Syracuse deputy fire chief, Stephen Cavuto, told the news provider.

No humans were present when the fire began. After the flames were put out, rescuers found two unconscious house cats that were affected by the smoke. After bringing the two cats out into fresh air, firefighters quickly tried to revive them.

Unfortunately, the large black cat was unresponsive and pronounced dead. The rescuers quickly got to work on the small gray and black cat named Tigger.

Firefighters placed an oxygen mask on the feline’s face and caressed the small cat. Luckily, Tigger came around and has returned to normal cat health since.

According to the Daily Times, some fire departments have special oxygen masks designed to help pets exposed to smoke.

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  • In a “First Aid For Pets”, a class offered by our local Red Cross, we were taught how to use a plastic bottle to fit over the mouth and nose of a dog or cat, as part of giving them CPR. You cut the top maybe 4″ off of a bottle, like a 12 oz water bottle, can cover the sharp cut edge of the top with duct or medical tape. You place the cut end over the animals snout, or on a cat, their face to cover the mouth and nose, and wrap your hand around it to seal as much of the plastic to their face as you can. Then you blow into the screw top part of the cut bottle top, following CPR directions.
    Fortunately, I haven’t had to try this.


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