• Chet P.

    Thank you!! You are a knowledgeable vet and I applaud you for getting the word out re cats and wet food. After having spent seven years giving my previous cat insulin injections twice a day to combat her diabetes diagnosis, I learned a few things about feline nutrition and what is considered a “species appropriate” diet. You don’t see cats in the wild hunting for food in rice paddies and cornfields. Unfortunately, it was too late to save her from diabetes, but I can honestly tell you that the cat I have now has never seen a piece of dry kibble and never will as long as he’s my cat. He’s a very healthy 18 pound Maine Coon Tabby. One thing I would like to mention that demonstrates the negative effect of dry food on a feline’s diet is that there have been many cases of cats who have been diagnosed as diabetic being able to go off insulin entirely if they are switched over to an all wet diet quickly enough after their are diagnosed (IMPORTANT NOTE: ANY changes in food while a cat is on insulin requires close monitoring of their blood glucose level in order to avoid situations of hypoglycemia). Unfortunately, the pet food industry remains highly unregulated and pet food manufacturers continue to hype dry food as being “nutritionally complete” when the lack of moisture and fresh animal protein (versus a vegetable protein like wheat gluten which is cheaper and used to boost the protein % on the label) make the opposite true. And there are still vets out there that will tell you that a cat needs dry food for their teeth which is the equivalent of saying if you ate hard pretzels every day you wouldn’t need to see the dentist or brush your teeth. Some cats are born with good teeth genes and others are not — same as humans — and preventative care plays more of a role in a cat’s dental health than whether it is crunching on dry food. Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on a subject that is finally becoming better known.

    • rvasso

      Thanks for your sharing that information. I am sure your cat is grateful to have you around. We would love to see a picture of your 18 pounder!


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