Cat’s Meow Toy Reviews

Cat's Meow as seen on TV product review.The product: Cat’s Meow, a battery-operated floor toy for cats.

The price: $35.89 plus tax. The ads say $19.99, but the “buy one get one free” offer is required, and each toy comes with a postage and shipping price of $7.95. (You can upgrade to a deluxe 3-speed version for an extra $5 per toy, or $45.89 plus tax, total.)

The promise: “Entertains and stops destructive clawing or scratching.”

The results: Cat’s Meow was first presented to two playful cats, Luisa and Monica, ages 10 and 9. They both kept their distance at first, but Luisa eventually crept in to pounce a few times. Monica later exited the room, taking the longest possible way around the toy.

Luisa lost interest after about a minute of play, so the dog was invited to check it out. She sniffed and jumped back a few times, then turned her attention to the cats. Next up, a toddler checked it out. He giggled a little, then crawled toward the camera to play with it instead.

In the end, Cat’s Meow was a flop for Luisa and Monica, who have more fun with an empty shoe box and a little cat nip. And unfortunately, just this morning they were caught scratching their favorite arm chair, so it didn’t do anything to cure their urges to scratch. If the toy moved more slowly and paused more often, it might have given the cats more of a chance to creep in and strike.

Is Cat’s Meow worth it?

So far, 4/4 say no, but one cat owner said he might wait till they’re available for sale individually in-store. (See added reviews below.)

But we’re not throwing in the towel just yet! We’ll be updating this blog periodically as other cat owners in our office try it out and share their results with us. Have your cats played with Cat’s Meow? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Skip to :37 to see the cat play, 1:00 to see the dog’s reaction and 1:20 to see the toddler’s reaction.

Addition from Raychel: Cleopatra, my 11 year old Siamese cat, seemed to be interested in the Cat’s Meow and was briefly entertained. Diesel, our 6 year old Maine Coon, took a bit to warm up to it as he it appeared he was trying to figure out what it was and what it was going to do. Harley, our black and white 1 year old cat, had no interest in it. All in all, I don’t think we would buy Cat’s Meow. Our cats love to play with compressed cat nip mice, and their favorite toy is Da Bird Cat Catcher Toy.

Addition from Isis: Six-year-old Cito was completely uninterested. He prefers to roam the yard and lay in the sun.

Addition from Alex: Gary, a 7 year old Lynx Point, reacted with mild interest, followed by mild anxiety, followed by careful planning, a lazy attack, a more aggressive attack and full committal to finding out just how the heck to conquer the dang thing. He liked the toy and would have continued playing with it for probably another ten minutes or so. I found myself wishing it had more speeds though. At times it was almost too slow for him to notice. Typically, his favorite toy is a stuffed fish attached to an elastic string.

Addition from Kendra: Sphynx and Lyla, each 1 year old, weren’t too sure about it, other than “Mom has something new, I want to play with it.”  I set Cat’s Meow on my living room floor and turned it on, but didn’t get much interaction from my cats. The just sat on the outer edge, watched it move around and pawed at it a time or two.

After having Cat’s Meow home for the weekend, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the cost. My cats seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes, maybe go bonkers a time or two, but then the fun was over and it was left to spin by itself. If the rotation would have a second or two delay longer, they might actually feel like they were hunting something, rather than chasing something they couldn’t get.


  • burney

    piece of crap. will return to store…

  • jennifer

    I bought this from Walgreens in a bogo special. the first one lasted 1 1/2 days before breaking and the second lasted 5 minutes. The wand wont even turn on the second one. It was a waste of money. Too bad I am outside the return policy. Do not buy this product! All my cats were interested in the toy but it broke too soon to keep interest.

    • sheila

      Same here. Blew thru 4 units since Christmas. Spent $60 on rechargeable batteries. Went to get unit number 4 today…right out of the box it doesn’t work. Which is sad because the 10 minutes we got out of unit 1…my kitty loved it. Sad and disappointing.

  • Jane

    My cat would play briefly with it for the four days it lasted! Then it broke.


    HATE this toy, the cover is too heavy so the so called mouse won’t move it sits and grinds. The tail on the mouse is short so it bearly shows under the cover. The batteries last longer than the toy. Cat watched it for a minute and gave up.
    Save you money!!!!

  • Auntiepatch

    My 4 cats played with it but the 2 youngest hold down the tail and then CHEW on it. I have to watch them the whole time they are playing with it so that someone doesn’t ingest a piece of rubber tail. My sister got it for me but I won’t be replacing it when it poops out.

  • Faith

    We bought one for Christmas at Walmart for our three cats of varying ages. The two youngest absolutely loved it! They were actually finding it when it was put away and trying to drag it out to play with it on their own. They even figured out how to hit the button and turn it on themselves. The first week, they kept pulling out the wand and dragging it off for us to find, so we glued it in place. Then, unfortunately, within a month, the motor burned out and it stopped working. It was very disappointing to us and the two cats, and at $20 each, we can’t keep replacing it every month.

  • Noelle

    I have 4 cats. The oldest, an Exotic decided the toy was hers and wouldn’t let the others touch it. Eventually she let one of my Siamese play with it and he now sits and cries until we turn it on. The other Siamese has only ever played with string so she has no interest. Finally the other Exotic prefers to watch the others play with it.

  • Marilyn Batey

    My cat, Tucker, absolutely loves this thing. He’ll play with it even if it’s not turned on! I’ve had the usual problems, the “mouse” broke but I was able to reattach what was left of it. My cats plays with it for awhile and then wanders away while it is still going. I wish it had an automatic shutoff after a certain amount of time. It has gotten to the point that even with new batteries, the mouse barely moves (which doesn’t seem to bother my cat). I’m thinking about getting another one.

  • Betty M

    Our Cat took one look at it, flipped her tail and walked away as to be saying -“What is this thing?” Was not impressed at all and again as everyone is saying – Save your money

  • Great post! Been reading a lot about different cat toys. Thanks for the info here!

  • Rigz

    I found this useless toy for $1 at CVS. Let’s just say, I wish I had my dollar back.


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