Bizarre Dog Skin Allergy Baffles Blue Pit Owner

Dr. Marc, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine blogs for dog insurance provider, Pets Best.

Hi. My name is Dr. Marc, and I’m filming for Pets Best Insurance, answering some Facebook questions for you guys at Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Boise, Idaho. This question comes from Lucy. She says her “friend’s beautiful blue pit bull has had a horrible rash on and off for months.  It’s blistery and the pet feels miserable. They’ve tried medications, steroid, changing food, detergents, et cetera, et cetera with no luck. They can’t afford the very expensive allergy testing to pinpoint exactly what the problem might be. The vet seems to think it’s an allergy. What else can they do? Any ideas on how they can pinpoint or control it?” 

I would tell you, Lucy, that dog allergies can be very frustrating to veterinarians, and dogs and owners alike. There’s really not one particular silver bullet that’s going to cure every single problem. In fact, allergy problems are oftentimes multi-factoral; meaning that some allergic dogs also get secondary infections, and if you’re not treating all of these problems at the same time, you’re really not going to make ground in getting these pets comfortable. Really, you should talk to your vet and make sure that we are treating infections and the allergy and things like that alone.

Sometimes, it’s useful to actually get a second opinion or actually see a specialist if you’ve really been through everything your veterinarian recommends. You know, these people have a lot more experience in potentially diagnosing these tricky cases, and this can often be done without the allergy-based specific testing.

If you have any other questions, post them in the comments below or on that Facebook page and we’ll see if we can answer them for you.

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  • Amy

    Sometimes yogurt and nutritional yeast (not baking) mixed together will remedy skin itchies. Once that is done yogurt alone is good for the coat. PS The amount depends on the size of the dog. I.E. 80-100 lb lab takes 1C yogurt/1Tbsp nutritional yeast.

  • Tricia

    I have a dog that was miserable — scratching until he bled. After trying lots of things, I found that he has a few of allergies; he’s allergic to a couple of the ingredients common in dog food, seems to have a couple of environmental allergies, and worst of all, he’s allergic to fleas. It’s been a trial and error process but I’ve hit on a good combination of a monthly flea & tick treatment that seems to work, a product that I treat my apartment with, a limited ingredient food, and Benadryl twice a day. Hope this helps!

  • Wendy Stevens

    Do you put the yogurt On the dog or In the dog?

  • Robin

    My doxie has the same issues as the Pit Bull and I decided to do allergy testing. Found out she is allergic to just about everything – except foods. I now do allergy shots every two weeks at home and it has worked very welll for her. I hope those will allergies find what works best for their animals as well.

  • Robin

    Allergy Testing was $400.00 and in the long run it was much cheaper than the medications she took on and off for two years.

  • Rosemary Levesque

    Removing the cause for allergies is a good idea, but many people don’t know where to start. I like to start with removing toxins, in general, and helping people become more aware of toxins in their immediate environment. Toxins are in foods, flea treatments and vaccinations, as well as pesticides and fertilizers applied to the yard. Avoid using skin care products with petroleum ingredients and fragrances. Avoid using chemicals in the home. Wash your dog’s feet when you come in from a walk. Feed real meats and vegetables instead of commercial foods. Above all, work to detoxify and then add specific nutrients to support a healthy immune system.

  • melissa

    My dog keeps getting ear infections, we she does we go to the vet and get the meds and when we get it all cleared up about 2wks to a month it comes right back. The only thing we did noticed is when she was getting in the little box is when this all started so now that’s gone. But now she seems to be going out and finding something in the back yard and eating it. Can this all be from cat poop?

  • Michelle

    Our, at the time, 8 yr. old Akita had horrible rashes on her stomach. We did not have insurance then and each trip to the vet was expensive and the rash would only clear up for a short time. Turned out to be the Parvo Virus Booster shots…………………


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