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Top 5 Ways to Prepare Dogs for a Baby’s Arrival

A baby and puppy with dog insurance get to know each other.

September is national Baby Safety Month! If you have a dog and are expecting a baby, be sure to prepare your dog ahead of time. This can include dog insurance for financial peace of mind, and planning for the change in household dynamic.

Dogs can be confused and stressed when new parents suddenly shift their attention from them to the baby, and this often shows in unacceptable behaviors such as: jumping up; stealing things that belong to the baby; going into the baby’s room; barking when the baby cries; becoming pushy when the mother is feeding the baby; or jumping on the stroller or pulling out in front of it.

In addition to checking with your family’s pediatrician, try the following to help prepare your dog for your new family member’s arrival:

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Splish Splash: 3 Pet Swimming Safety Tips

A dog with animal insurance goes for a swim.

By: Liam Crowe
Bark Busters CEO and Master Trainer

Keeping your dog cool during the summer months is extremely important. Not only do dogs need to drink lots of water to keep cool— many dogs like to swim as well! Swimming is great exercise and will help to keep your dog from overheating; however, it is important to know that many dogs drown each year from pool accidents that could have been avoided. Read the following safety and training tips before you let Fido start working on his doggie paddle:

1. Teach Your Dog a Few Swimming Basics
Before allowing your dog free access to a pool, make sure he knows how to get out safely. If a dog falls into a river or lake, his instinct will tell him to turn around and try to get out where he fell in. This may work well in a natural body of water, but in a suburban swimming pool, dogs may drown if they adopt this instinctive action. Therefore, it is important to teach your dog where and how to get out of the pool, regardless of where he went in.

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