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Pet Insurance Saved Christmas – A True Story

Rex needed surgery that was covered by pet insurance.My name is Kim Shopp. I am a policyholder as well as a Claims Adjuster for Pets Best Insurance and this is my story.

November 20th was just like any other day in my house hold with work, gym time and dinner for myself, my daughter and my dogs, Rex a 6 yr. old Great Dane, and Camilla VonDog, a 2 yr. old Rottweiler. I fed my furry kids their first dinner at the normal time of 3 pm and second dinner (no they’re not Hobbits, just big dogs with multiple food times) around 6 pm.

My Dane Rex had the hiccups and looked “off” to me after his second dinner. I decided to watch him as that wasn’t normal for him. About an hour later, he began to act as if he was going to vomit. I let him out in the back yard. He began to wretch non-productively.  I continued to watch him and noticed he still looked uncomfortable and had started to drool uncontrollably. Within another 30 minutes he was pacing around the room and couldn’t lie down and find comfort. I suspected the worst – bloat.

Bloat is a life-threatening condition that occurs when a dog’s stomach distends with gas and fluid. The increased pressure can cause the stomach to rotate and close itself off at both ends, taking the spleen with it (since the spleen is attached to the wall of the stomach.)Read More…