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Shelter holds candlelight vigil for euthanized pets

A shelter worker stands over a sad puppy.
No one likes to think about euthanizing animals—but one shelter in West Virginia makes a point of it.

According to the WOWK 13 news source, Kanawha Charleston Humane Society held a candlelight vigil last week to honor the thousands of animals that have been put to sleep.

Shelter volunteers strung 7,574 pet collars around the property to represent each pet that had been euthanized over the past year, the news provider reports.

“It is a terrible feeling because you know you could have helped them… those animals shouldn’t have to be killed because humans didn’t help them by getting them fixed or doing simple things for them,” shelter volunteer Autumn Lenn told the provider.

According to the source, 4 million animals are euthanized each year. In addition to overpopulation, some pets are put down due to expensive vet bills their owners can’t afford.

“Euthanasia of pets for other than humane reasons can be avoided,” explains Dr. Jack Stephens, founder of Pets Best Insurance. “This is why I started pet health insurance (in the US) nearly 30 years ago… as a veterinarian I hated euthanizing pets due to economics.”

In addition to helping cover vet bills due to accidents and illnesses, many pet insurance wellness plans offer spay/neuter coverage to help control pet populations. It’s a one-two punch against the leading factors contributing to euthanasia.

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Five pet supplies for owners with a sense of humor

By: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager

Being an animal lover and a dog owner, I’m always searching for interesting toys and pet products for my Chihuahua, La La. One of my favorites thus far, was a “Chewy Vuitton” squeaky purse my mother bought for her “grand-dog” for Christmas one year.

There is truly nothing more hilarious than watching a tiny Chihuahua trot around the house, holding her designer handbag by the handle.

Now that I work for a pet insurance company, I literally spend hours doing very important “research“ on new and upcoming pet health and other pet related products. The following were some I stumbled upon that were too funny not to share.

1. Does your mother-in-law drop by unexpectedly- maybe every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM? Throw her to the dogs with the KyJen Funny Fleece In-Law doll. Not only is this passive aggressive toy a funny way to get your point across, but this in-law will never remind you that you forgot to dust your shelf.

A silly squeeky toy for dogs with In-Law written across the front.

2. Have you always thought that your dog was rather, dapper, suave… maybe even a touch debonair? If so, your pet is likely still missing one thing—the Humunga Stache Rubber Funny Dog Toy. Give your pet this knee-slapping chew toy and entertain your family and friends alike. Try to keep it together as your pet trots around the house with a black, curled moustache on his upper lip.

A silly squeeky toy for dogs that makes it appear as though they have a moustache.

3. Ever wish you could kick back and share a cold one with man’s best friend? Well, although real alcohol can be detrimental to pet health, you and your pet can now imbibe together with the Silly Squeakers Hiney Sniffen Funny Dog Toy. With an obvious nod to the well-known Heineken beer, laugh for hours as your dog chews on this silly bottle-shaped toy.

A silly squeeky toy for dogs that looks like an alcoholic beverage.

4. Do you have a coprophagic dog on your hands? This common medical condition refers to a pet that eats, ahem, its own, or other animals’ poo. Although that’s pretty much the grossest thing I can picture, you can at least try to deter your dog’s affection for excrement by offering up the Mr. Poops Funny Squeaker Dog Toy instead. It even comes in two sizes.

A silly squeeky toy for dogs that looks like poop.

5. Finally, there is nothing more hilarious than a dog with a really long tongue—especially if it’s also a fetch toy. This Humunga Tongue Rubber Funny Dog Toy has a gigantic red tongue on one end, and a ball attached to the other. Is your dog sticking its tongue out because he’s hot, or is he just being sassy? You’ll never know.

A silly squeeky toy for dogs that looks like the dog has a long red tongue.

Biotechnology firm to develop dog mental health products

An elderly woman sits with an old dog.
Quincy Bioscience’s newly launched animal sciences division is working on a product that can help older dogs with neurological issues, the firm told the JS Online website.

The company told the news provider that its patented jellyfish protein may improve dog health in pets showing symptoms of aging, much the same as it helps people.

According to the source, as aging occurs, the body loses the ability to make calcium-binding proteins.

The company reports that in human medical trials, jellyfish protein helped support calcium regulation in neurons, and scientists believe it may affect dog health much the same.

“Improved primary medical care has resulted in dogs living longer, but now about 14% of the older animals have cognitive dysfunction problems,” JS Online reported. reported that recent studies have shown nearly a third of 11 and 12-year old dogs have significant cognitive issues.

President of the biotech company, Mark Underwood, told JS Online that the product looks promising in aiding pet health.

“Based on our ongoing research… and what we know about the role of calcium in the body, we expect [the jellyfish protein] to be a vital protein in many aspects of healthy aging,” Underwood told the news provider.

Losing a pet is hard, pet insurance can help

By: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A tiny Poodle snuggles in a blanket.
My favorite memory of Stella is the day we were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, and a lady bug landed right on the tip of her little wet nose.

Being a Teacup Poodle, Stella was so small that my mother would put her in her bathrobe pocket as she got ready for work each morning. Before we knew it, Stella was part of our family. It was amazing to all of us how much joy this tiny doggie brought into our lives.

Although she only weighed about 3 lbs, Stella accompanied us on family hikes up to Norton Lake, and came with us nearly anywhere else we went. After some pleading, she also earned the right to sleep in my mother’s or my bed at night.

The day I left for college, Stella paced back and forth down our hallway, monitoring all the luggage and boxes that were being moved from my room to the car parked out front.

My mother called a few days later to say that Stella was sitting outside my closed bedroom door, waiting for me. That is the first time I felt my heart break a little.

The second time was a few years later.

After I finished college, I moved back to my hometown. Although I didn’t see Stella as often as I should have, she was still as big a part of our family as ever.

My mom called one afternoon to let me know that the little dog’s health had been declining. Within a few weeks, and after thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, a final surgery did her in. Stella had developed an infection her tiny body just couldn’t fight off.

I had never been so heart broken in my life.

Losing Stella wasn’t easy for any of us, and the monthly vet bill my mother faced after her passing made it even harder. Because of my experience with Stella, I understood the importance of pet insurance long before I began working for a pet insurance company .

Although it pains me to think about my current dog’s final days, I recently enrolled La La with Pets Best Insurance. I know that losing her will be just as painful as it was to lose Stella, maybe even more so… but I also know that Pets Best Insurance will help me financially, and also pay a limited amount for her burial, cremation and even euthanasia, should it be the only humane option.

Losing a pet is among the most difficult experiences a person can endure, but pet insurance can significantly help ease the financial blow. It helps immensely to be able to grieve and mourn the passing of a pet without having to worry about money too.

Celebrate cat health by taking kitty to the vet

By: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A veterinarian tends to a sick cat.
Hey all you cat owners—did you know that August 16 to August 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week?

Because cats generally don’t display signs of disease as clearly as other animals, cat owners can easily miss cat health issues.

According to the website, over 50% of all cat owners don’t take their kitties in for annual check-ups; they only take them to the veterinarian if they begin to show severe symptoms of illness.

Though cats are generally regarded as self-sufficient pets, they too require regular wellness care to help catch issues early on.

Cat litter company, Feline Pine, said they created this national awareness day because they care about cat health.

“Along with making an all-natural chemical-free litter, we’re dedicated to helping cats live long and healthy lives,” Feline Pine Brand Manager Dan Henderson told the Catster website.

The company’s in-house veterinarian, Dr. Michele Gaspar said cat owners generally miss telltale signs of problems early on.

“Cats are often subtle in their signs of discomfort or illness… when caught early enough, many diseases can be treated so that a cat enjoys a good quality of life,” Gaspar told the news provider.

Celebrate your cat’s health this week by taking him or her to the veterinarian. Chances are your cat is in purrfectly good health—but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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