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How I learned cat health insurance was a good idea

A young woman holds a Persian cat.
Many years ago, I met a mysterious Persian cat in the alley next to my apartment in Chicago. His background was a mystery, his age was a mystery, but it was no mystery that he was beautiful, sweet, and staying with me.

After 12 years, I lost him to a mysterious liver disease. The last couple of years were rough, and I was under a lot of stress worrying about him each time his quality of life dipped. Not only was I nervous for him, I was nervous for my bank account. When he finally did pass away, I had a strange sense of hope through my sadness. “How nice it would be,” I thought, “to have a brand new, healthy kitten that I didn’t have to worry about.”

So I got that brand-new kitten. But oh, was I wrong about the rest. I had forgotten that a kitten’s immune system wasn’t fully developed yet. I forgot how they are so small, it would be easy to injure them just because you don’t see them underfoot. I thought I was doing everything right and by the book, but for the first few weeks I had her, it seemed like something was always wrong. After I almost lost her to pneumonia at four months old, an experience that cost me $700, I started looking for pet health insurance for the first time.

I had no idea if I could afford it, but after a bit of comparison shopping I found the best pet insurance for my kitten. It doesn’t take the mystery out of how healthy she may or may not be in the future, but it definitely removed the fear of not knowing if I could afford to treat the pets I love so much.

How to choose the best puppy food for your pet

Posted by: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A puppy waits for his meal.
Bringing home a new puppy can also bring on uncertainties. You may worry if you’re doing what’s best for your new puppy. And choosing the best puppy dog food for your pet is an easy way to ensure he’s in good dog health care. Your puppy may also have and have fewer of the puppy problems that can come with feeding him a low-quality food.

When choosing a food for your puppy, choose food based on the puppy’s size and breed. Large breed puppies should be fed a food formulated for large breeds, while small breed puppies should be fed a food that has smaller pieces than regular puppy food.

Choose a puppy food that contains high quality ingredients, such as meat or fish. Make sure these are among the first ingredients listed. Avoid dog foods that list corn as the first ingredient. Corn is a filler ingredient that has no nutritional value to dogs.

Puppies with diarrhea can benefit from eating a high quality food. High quality foods are easier for puppies to digest, which decreases their chance of having diarrhea and other pet health issues. This also provides the nutrients that growing puppies need. When switching puppy foods, do so gradually as to avoid further intestinal upset.

High quality dog food will cost more per bag than lower quality food. The cost of feeding a high quality food and lower quality food is virtually the same. With a high quality food, the dog only needs to eat a small quantity of food to meet his nutritional needs. With a lower quality food, the dog needs to eat a larger amount of food to consume the nutritional values needed.

For more information on which pet food is right for your dog’s health care needs, talk with your veterinarian.

Regular vet cat health care can detect diseases early

A woman snuggles with her cat.

Cat pet care is essential to ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life. Annual check-ups will allow your veterinarian to keep track of the health of your cat. Preventative care should include vaccines, bloodwork and medications to prevent parasites. If your cat exhibits any cat illness symptoms, he should be checked out by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Catching cat health care issues early is crucial in ensuring that your cat gets the treatment he needs. Due to the fact that many of the common diseases have similar cat illnesses symptoms, tests must be performed to diagnose and rule out other diseases. It is possible for a cat to have a primary disease and have a secondary disease that is caused by the primary disease. Treating cat illnesses quickly often allows the cat to recover more quickly.

Diagnosing diseases in cats begins with a thorough exam. Based on the findings on the exam and any symptoms that the cat exhibits, the veterinarian will determine which diagnostic tests need to be performed on the cat.

The most common tests used to diagnose diseases in cats are urinalysis and blood work. These tests check the function of organs and measure blood levels of various hormones in the blood. Other diagnostic tests that may be used include x-rays and ultrasounds. Make these diagnostic tests more affordable for your family by having your cat covered with a cat pet insurance.

Pet insurance for older dogs: Get it while they’re young

An old dog sits with an elderly woman.Think of having pet insurance for older dogs as a necessity — but get it while they’re puppies or young adults and you’ll have affordable care for them their whole lives.

Dog health care declines as dogs age and the cost for their health care increases. Pet insurance allows pet owners to take advantage of the advancements in veterinary medicine that allow for the diagnoses of diseases early on.

Many veterinarians are recommending blood screenings as part of a dog’s annual check-up. These blood screenings give veterinarians baseline information on your dog. They can then compare the following year’s results to the previous year’s results and note any changes. These blood screenings allow your veterinarian to detect diseases early. The screenings can note changes in your pet’s vital organs before they start showing symptoms of the disease. The blood work results can detect illnesses that include diabetes, kidney disease and hormonal disorders. If diseases are caught early, they can then be treated before any permanent damage occurs to the pet. Diagnosing diseases early on can add additional time to the life of your pet.

In addition to diseases, older dogs are more prone to dental issues. Older dogs have a higher occurrence of gum disease and require more frequent dental cleanings to keep their teeth healthy. A dental cleaning’s cost can add up with the addition of dental extractions, pain medication and antibiotics. Insurance for dogs makes preventative care affordable for owners and allows them to provide the best care they can for their aging dog.

Cat health care: Kitten bottle feeding

A tiny kitten drinks from a bottle.

Feeding kittens may need to be done as a supplement when a mother cat does not feed her kittens adequately. Bottle feeding kittens is usually needed when kittens have become orphaned or when the mother cat rejected a kitten. Kittens need to be bottle-fed for the first four weeks of life. Similar to human babies, newborn kittens need to be fed around the clock to ensure proper cat health care.

It’s important to feed kittens formula that is specially formulated for kittens. Kitten milk replacement can be found at your local pet store. The most common kitten milk replacement is KMR. When feeding newborn kittens, it is best to use a bottle made for kittens. These can be found in the store near the kitten milk replacement. The milk replacement comes in a liquid or powder form. The powdered form is mixed with water to make a liquid for feeding. The powder formulation is usually cheaper than the liquid formula. If you have to feed more than one kitten the powder formulation is a better choice. The water that is going to be mixed with the powder should be boiled and cooled before mixing with the powder.

Kittens should be fed every 2 to 3 hours. For newborn kittens, start with feeding the kitten 2 ounces and increase the amount as they grow. Refer to the milk replacement packaging for a feeding guide. Once a kitten reaches 4 weeks, it can be introduced to wet kitten food mixed with the kitten milk replacement. Once the kittens are able to eat the kitten food, and pet health is stable, wean kittens from the milk replacement.

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